A Rap Obituary for Christopher Hitchens

Dan Bull, who previously wrote a rap letter to the Pope, is back with an awesome, rhythmic homage to Hitch: You can download the MP3 of that song right here. [Read more...]

How Christopher Hitchens Inspired Me to Become a Journalist

This is a guest post by Michael Tracey. He is a writer based in New Jersey and a former Secular Student Alliance group leader. *** Perhaps it was silly for me to be nervous in the moments before dialing Christopher Hitchens — he being en route to a debate that I arranged, after all — [Read More...]

More Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens

To wrap up the day, here are just a few additional links about Christopher Hitchens you might want to take a look at: As we wait for the editorial cartoons about to emerge, let’s hope none take the easy route… … Ashley honors Hitch with a proper cup of tea: … Ape, Not Monkey has [Read More...]

To Hitch.

We wake up to a less eloquent world today. Raise your glasses! [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens is Dead

The brilliant writer, speaker, and thinker died tonight at the age of 62 after a tough battle with esophageal cancer. His final piece for Vanity Fair is as powerful as anything else he’s written. If this is a surprise to anyone, it may be because we harbored some secret hope that he’d find a way [Read More...]