During Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, Her Son Said in His Eulogy, “I’m Not a Believer in the Supernatural”

Earlier today, at the funeral for former First Lady Nancy Reagan, her son Ron Reagan, Jr. gave a stirring eulogy. And after sharing a few stories about her life, he made a passing reference to his own atheism:


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How the Non-Religious Deal with Death

Phil Zuckerman, professor of secular studies at Pitzer College, has just released a new book analyzing the research that has been done on the growing numbers of atheists, Agnostics, and others who don’t belong to any organized religion. It’s called The Nonreligious: Understanding Secular People and Societies (Oxford University Press, 2016).


In the excerpt below, Zuckerman and co-authors Luke W. Galen and Frank L. Pasquale discuss the topic of death and suicide:

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Psychic Medium: If Atheists Tell Suicidal People Not to Speak to Me, Blood is on Their Hands

Christine Pavlina is a psychic medium who, like everyone else in that world, claims to have the ability to talk to dead people. She has no evidence to back this up, of course, but that’s never stopped people like her from making money off of gullible, grieving people.

In a video released yesterday, Pavlina attempted to respond to some of the arguments offered by atheist critics.

But her first rebuttal shows you just how futile that’s going to be. As if it’s a settled science, she explains: “A Higher Power does exist. Period. End of story. It’s the truth. It’s the light. It’s not debatable. It’s not up for discussion. And it’s not up for opinion. This is a fact.”

It gets much worse at the 7:44 mark:


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Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Death with Dignity is Still Difficult to Obtain in Canada

Last year, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled (unanimously) that doctors could help terminally ill patients end their lives. The reality, however, is that public institutions still put up a variety of obstacles for doctors offering this service — which they’re legally allowed to do since the decision doesn’t go into effect until this summer.

In a brief video, Dying With Dignity Canada explains the responsibilities of taxpayer-funded hospitals:


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Radio Host Rick Wiles: Justice Scalia’s Death was a Pagan Sacrifice By President Obama

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, conspiracy theories began to circulate. It all started with a comment made by the ranch owner who found him: that Scalia had a pillow “over his head.” This detail, paired with the fact that a physician had declared him dead over the phone and the family didn’t want an autopsy, prompted speculation about foul play and the “obvious” role of the Obama administration in Scalia’s “untimely” death.

On Savage Nation, Donald Trump stoked the flames of skepticism by saying it was “unusual” that Scalia had been found with a “pillow over his face.” Conservative radio host Alex Jones, never one to miss out on a good conspiracy theory temper tantrum, proclaimed, “my gut tells me [the Obama administration] killed him.”

But perhaps the most absurd conspiracy theory came from everyone’s favorite religious loon Rick Wiles.

His theory? President Obama is a pagan Satan worshiping fascist who assassinated Scalia to send a message.


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