In Honor of Christopher Hitchens, Five Years After His Death

Five years after his death, the loss of Christopher Hitchens is still felt by many atheists.

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Christians React to the Death of Atheist Activist Rob Sherman: “Great News!” “Wonderful!”

Days after the death of atheist activist Rob Sherman, Christians everywhere sought to demonstrate their religion’s professed love and forgiveness by expressing their condolences and eulogizing Sherman with exemplary decency and respect.

Just kidding. On comment threads everywhere, many Christians delighted in his passing.


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Atheist Activist Rob Sherman Was Often Abrasive, But He Knew How to Defend Church/State Separation

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune wrote dozens of articles over the past couple of decades about Rob Sherman, the atheist activist who died over the weekend in a plane crash.

In an article reflecting on Sherman’s legacy, Zorn lays out the good and bad. Perhaps the most important part is the admission near the end.


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An Atheist Whose Dying Religious Sister Condemned Her Has a Follow-Up On Her Story

A woman who called in to The Atheist Experience talk show last week, sharing a story about how her dying sister had just condemned her for being an atheist, called back yesterday to provide an update.


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In a Belgian Film, God’s Daughter Gets Back At Him By Telling the Whole World Their Deathdates

In a Belgian film called The Brand New Testament by filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael, God is portrayed as a mean recluse from Brussels whose daughter — no one ever cares about God’s daughter — sneaks into His office, gets into His computer, and sends text messages to everyone in the world telling them the exact time of their death.

You can imagine the inevitable chaos and self-reflection.


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