A Grief Workbook for Atheists Dealing with Death

After Carol Fiore‘s husband died, she, like so many atheists who have lost a loved one, struggled to deal with the grief because all the resources out there were aimed at religious people.

Now, she’s written A Grief Workbook for Skeptics: Surviving Loss without Religion, a helpful guide for atheists going through the toughest of times, so they don’t feel so isolated.

In the excerpt below, reprinted with permission from the author, Fiore talks about how to respond to words of “consolation” that are really not helpful at all:

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She’s Afraid of Losing Her Atheist Husband

Seen at PostSecret:

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Christians Show Deceased Death-With-Dignity Advocate Brittany Maynard Their Special Brand of Love

Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman whose growing brain tumor made her death inevitable, has taken her own life, just as she announced she would. In the past few months, she became an eloquent voice for the death-with-dignity movement. Our own Rachel Ford documented Maynard’s struggle here, including the part where Christians like Matt Walsh get to strongly imply that the California woman is a coward.

Maynard’s last words to the world appeared on her Facebook page:

“Goodbye world. Spread good energy. Pay it forward!”

Here, also from Facebook, are some thoughtful reactions to Maynard’s decision.

Then there are the fine folks over at Free Republic:

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The Wages of Tolerance: Atheist Gadfly Theo van Gogh, a Foe of Islam, Was Assassinated Ten Years Ago Today

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the brutal murder of Dutch writer, filmmaker, and free-speech advocate Theo van Gogh. He died at the hands of a Muslim fundamentalist, Mohammed Bouyeri, who silenced Theo’s criticism of Islam with bullets and a butcher knife. For the crime of making a movie (with Ayaan Hirsi Ali) that called out Islam’s widespread misogyny, Theo was assassinated in public, in broad daylight — Bouyeri calmly and methodically almost severing his victim’s head while horrified bystanders looked on.

Like the Islamic death sentence received by Salman Rushdie, it was a defining moment in one of the defining fights of our time.

Back when I lived in Amsterdam, I’d met Theo a few times and interviewed him once (about local architecture, of all things; he was quite the renaissance man). I was struck by how easily he carried himself in all kinds of different company. As combative and fierce as he could be in print, in person he was a very social and genuinely curious man, always probing, trying out ideas and theories, soaking up new information. He was blunt but kind, passionate but not wrathful, eager to drive home a provocative point but careful not to twist the knife, so to speak. In short, he was the antithesis of his assassin.

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Pat Robertson: Brittany Maynard Shouldn’t Kill Herself Because “God Can Heal Anything”

Brittany Maynard (below) is the 29-year-old with brain cancer who has chosen to kill herself in a few days so that she can die with dignity before the disease takes away everything that she believes makes life worth living.

Pat Robertson commented on her story last night — you know you were waiting for his opinion — explaining how she should totally not kill herself because God will heal her… and how her decision is just a symptom of death-loving liberals:

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