To Hitch.

We wake up to a less eloquent world today. Raise your glasses! [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens is Dead

The brilliant writer, speaker, and thinker died tonight at the age of 62 after a tough battle with esophageal cancer. His final piece for Vanity Fair is as powerful as anything else he’s written. If this is a surprise to anyone, it may be because we harbored some secret hope that he’d find a way [Read More...]

How Should Rationalists Approach Death?

by Jesse Galef – “How Should Rationalists Approach Death?” That’s the title of the panel I’m moderating this weekend at Skepticon, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a big topic – we won’t figure it all out in an hour, but I know we’ll get people to think. Do common beliefs about death make [Read More...]

Non-Religious Cards to Help You Cope with Someone’s Death

Laura Beck gave birth to her first child Truman back in August… but he died just three days later. As hard as it was to cope with the loss, it didn’t help that so many of the people around her were using the phrase “angel baby,” or telling her he was in a “better place,” [Read More...]

Bow Your Head At the Funerals for Dead Gods

If all the gods people have ever believed in no longer exist, the least we could do is hold a funeral for all of them. Thankfully, Mike Lee, Mikey Pullman, and Ashley Paramore put one of those together: Who knew you could have a funeral with a happy ending? (via Religious Antagonist) [Read more...]