A Secular Take on Euthanasia

Over the weekend, the Ottawa Citizen compiled this collection of perspectives on euthanasia from various religious leaders in Ottawa. I won’t bother quoting most of them because I’m sure you can imagine what was said. For the most part, there was a lot of talk about “God’s plan,” “Life is sacred,” “Condemn murder,” “Life in [Read More...]

Inspired by Hitchens, An Atheist Makes Plans to Donate His Body to Science

I had posted earlier that Christopher Hitchens‘ body would be donated to science, per his wishes. Hearing that inspired Edward Tarte to take action. He just signed the paperwork to donate his body to the Baylor College of Medicine. Thanks for being a great role model for the rest of us, Edward! (And please stay [Read More...]

One More Eulogy for Hitch

I missed this tribute a few days ago but I liked it too much not to share: (via Robert Forrey) [Read more...]

Get the Tissues Ready…

If you’re having a great day today, let’s put a stop to that. Read these beautiful pieces (edited by the people behind “This American Life”) about a handful of people who died this year and whose stories may not be very well-known. The one about Richard Geller really gets to me for obvious reasons. [Read more...]

What’s Happening with Christopher Hitchens’ Body?

We have an answer, courtesy of Steve Wasserman, Hitchens’ literary agent: “In accordance with Christopher’s wishes, his body was donated to medical research. Memorial gatherings will occur next year.” I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Please consider donating your body (and organs) after you die — there’s no better way to “live on” than helping [Read More...]