After Losing His Battle Over Euthanasia, Tony Nicklinson Has Died

Last week, the High Court ruled that Tony Nicklinson, a paralyzed man, could not be euthanized: Today, just days after the ruling, his family informed the world that Nicklinson died of pneumonia late last night: Police said they would not be investigating Nicklinson’s death. “We can confirm he passed away,” a police spokesman said on [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens’ Last Words

They weren’t “I’ve found Jesus!” In anticipation of his final book Mortality, to be released on September 4th, his widow Carol Blue penned an afterword which was released online this weekend: I can’t seem to access the full piece at The Daily Telegraph, but you can catch glimpses of it at Google Books. Here’s Carol [Read More...]

High Court Rules That Man Must Prolong His Suffering Instead of Dying with Dignity

Tony Nicklinson, an Englishman, was paralyzed from the neck down after a stroke in 2005: Tony can’t communicate other than through blinking and he wanted doctors to end his life on his own terms, instead of prolonging his suffering. Yesterday, though, the High Court ruled that he can’t do that. If doctors let him die [Read More...]

Ask Richard: A Young Person’s Question about Mortality Meant for Richard Dawkins

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. I don’t know if Mr. Dawkins actually reads these but if you do I just wanted to let you know you’re doing an awesome job spreading reason, and thanks to you reason was able to reach me at a young age. I was a devout [Read More...]

Center For Inquiry’s Statement About the Colorado Tragedy

Earlier today, I criticized a statement from an atheist speaking about the Colorado tragedy, not on behalf of his organization (though it seemed that way from the article), but on his own. The Center For Inquiry’s Ron Lindsay put out a statement today on behalf of the entire organization. It’s brief, but it’s exactly the [Read More...]