When Atheists Attack… Each Other

The August/September 2012 issue of Free Inquiry is out and I have an article in it about how atheists can be pretty abrasive online… to other atheists. The backdrop of the issue is “the new activism,” one that looks beyond just the logic and reason and arguments and actually helps people get through the day. [Read More...]

A Group for Terminally Ill Atheists

A reader named Chantelle was recently diagnosed with ALS. The only support group in her area met at a church and was all religious-y. So she’s curious if there are other atheists with life-threatening illnesses who may want to talk to each other. She created a Facebook group and would love to hear from people [Read More...]

Can You Have a Meaningful Life Without an Afterlife?

At the Oklahoma Freethought Convention yesterday, Seth Andrews debuted his latest video — Afterlife — and got a standing ovation from the crowd. Well deserved, too. This is a really beautiful video. A lot of popular YouTube atheists answer the question of how they get through the day knowing there’s no afterlife awaiting them. In [Read More...]

How to Hold a Funeral Without God

It’s hard enough dealing with all the grief surrounding anyone’s funeral. But there’s also the unique challenge of keeping religion out of it, if that’s what the family (or deceased) wants. Jane Wynne Willson‘s book Funerals Without God has been around since 1989, but if you haven’t read it before, a new edition is now [Read More...]

Edward Tarte Gets a Catholic Priest to Pray for Two Very Sick Dogs

[Read more...]