Bangladeshi Counterterrorism Official Says He Knows Who’s Killing Atheist Bloggers

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen the deaths of several prominent atheists, friends of atheists, and alleged atheists. That list includes Dr. Avijit Roy (February, 2015), Washiqur Rahman (March, 2015), Ananta Bijoy Das (May, 2015), Niloy┬áNeel (August), publisher of Roy’s books Faisal Arefin Dipon (October), and Nazimuddin Samad (April).


While various Islamic militants have been arrested and charged with the crimes, it wasn’t always clear if they were part of an organized effort to kill the atheists or if they were independent extremists acting of their own accord.

The New York Times is now reporting that there’s been a breakthrough: We now know who’s organizing the killings:

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Christian Minister Writes Poem About How Muhammad Ali is Burning in Hell for Not Accepting Jesus

Bert M. Farias, founder of Holy Fire Ministries, has a message for those mourning the death of boxer Muhammad Ali: If you don’t turn to Jesus, then you, too, will burn in Hell.


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Christian Writer: Atheists Won’t Accept Christopher Hitchens’ Faith Because They’re “Afraid of God”

Christian author Eric Metaxas’ latest essay in the Wall Street Journal is in defense of Larry Alex Taunton, the opportunist who wrote a book suggesting the late Christopher Hitchens had doubts about his atheism.

How do you defend an argument that Hitch’s closest friends and colleagues — in addition to the man himself when he was still alive — have repeatedly said is complete bunk?

If you’re Metaxas, you just accuse the critics of being closed-minded and intolerant.


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Christopher Hitchens Was No Atheist Apostate

In a new video, Brian Dalton goes on a lovely rant about Larry Alex Taunton, the man who claims in a new book that Christopher Hitchens had doubts about his atheism. Which he didn’t.

There’s a lot of NSFW language… but when you hear the baseless accusations, you’ll understand why it’s hard to keep it all in.


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Khurram Zaki, Critic of Islamic Extremism, Shot to Death in Pakistan

Another critic of religious extremism has died, this time in Pakistan.

Khurram Zaki was a Muslim himself, but he opposed Islamic radicalism and openly spoke out against the head of an extremist Sunni mosque. And for his activism, he was shot to death on Saturday:


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