The Legacy of the “Father” of Ex-Gay Therapy

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the death of Joseph Nicolosi, known as the father of gay conversion therapy.


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Indian Atheist Hacked to Death After Posting Criticisms of Religion on Social Media

A 31-year-old Indian man named H. Farook was hacked to death on Thursday night by four men who were pissed off that he posted atheistic messages on a WhatsApp group and Facebook page.


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This Atheist’s Obituary from 1889 Is Delightful: The “Infidel” Was “Perfectly Rational to the Last”

I’ve no idea who Gus M. Setzer of China Grove, North Carolina, was. But if his final act in the spring of 1889 and these sweet words about him are any guide, I wish I could have known old Gus.


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Gay Conversion Therapy Advocate Joseph Nicolosi is Dead. His Ideas, Unfortunately, Will Live On

Joseph Nicolosi, a man whose life was defined by the gay and lesbian people whose lives he ruined, is dead now. He was 70 and died on Wednesday of complications from the flu. For his sake, I hope that didn’t involve any suffering.

If only the same could be said for his patients.


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Podcast Ep. 144: Rebecca Hensler, Founder of Grief Beyond Belief

Our latest podcast guest is Rebecca Hensler, the founder of Grief Beyond Belief, a Facebook group devoted to faith-free grief support for those who have just lost a loved one.


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