Longtime Atheist Activist Rob Sherman Has Died in a Plane Crash

A small plane belonging to longtime atheist activist Rob Sherman crashed last night in the city of Marengo, Illinois, killing the pilot on board. Authorities have not yet definitively identified Sherman as the pilot.


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A Former Pastor Explains How the Typical Christian Response to Evil Led Him Away From the Faith

Scott Heller is a former pastor from Colorado who has a really insightful essay into what drove him away from the ministry.


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A Dying Atheist Tells a Heartbreaking Story About Being Condemned By Her Religious Sister

I don’t think religious people always understand the difficulties of being an atheist in certain families, in certain parts of the country. But the isolation some atheists feel is very real and it can have a drastic impact on their lives.


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Podcast Ep. 138: Barbara Mancini, Advocate for Medical Aid in Dying

Our latest podcast guest is Barbara Mancini, an ER nurse from Pennsylvania. In 2013, she was arrested and prosecuted on charges of trying to help her terminally ill 93-year-old father take his own life. She is now an advocate for medical aid in dying.

We spoke with Barbara about her heartbreaking personal story, the connection between assisted suicide and abortion rights, and her correspondence with Brittany Maynard.


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You Are Going to Die… and That’s Okay

Accepting our own mortality is a starting point for having a more fulfilling life.


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