Washington, D.C. City Council Gives Initial Approval to “Death With Dignity” Bill

The Washington, D.C. city council deserves a lot of credit after passing a bill yesterday that could allow terminally ill patients to end life on their own terms.

The Death with Dignity Act still has a couple of procedural hurdles to overcome, but it could become law in the nation’s capitol by the end of the month.


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After Jack Chick’s Death, a Former Pentecostal Christian Recalls the “Fear Pamphlets” She Gave Out

Heather Emme attended a Pentecostal church in Toronto when she was younger, and Chick tracts were a part of her childhood. She was an evangelist and those little comic books were her tools. But they had an effect far beyond the strangers she was trying to convert:


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Catholic Church Has New Guidelines on Cremation (Because Controlling You During Life Isn’t Enough)

The Vatican just issued new guidelines about how to handle cremations, which have become increasingly popular even among Catholics who choose that route over more traditional burials. But the rules, as expected, are unnecessarily irrational.


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What We Need to Remember About Jack Chick and His Infamous Tracts

In a video marking the death of Jack Chick, Seth Andrews summarizes what Chick tracts were and why they were such reprehensible ways of bringing people to Christianity:


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The Fear-Based Legacy of Jack Chick

With the death of Jack Chick, we’ve lost someone who tried to bring people to Christ by way of guilt and fear.


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