Proselytizing High School Teacher Thinks He Got Fired Because He’s a Christian

Robert Hudson, a non-tenured teacher at Cathedral City High School in California, won’t have his contract renewed next year, and he believes it’s because of his Christian faith.

He’s wrong.

What he sees as Christian persecution is really a version of Christian proselytizing, and the District appears to be letting him go before they’re hit with any lawsuits.


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Public Schools Are Taking Illegal Field Trips to the Creation Museum

A couple of days ago, Zack Kopplin wrote at Slate about how the Creation Museum, with all of its anti-science exhibits, was becoming a destination for public schools.


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Denver Christian Schools CEO Says the “Crusaders” Mascot Needs to Go

What does the word “Crusade” mean to you? I suspect if you ask people today, many of the explanations would reference groups like ISIS, hell-bent on spreading their faith even if there’s a human cost to it.

While the word had more positive connotations, at least in a Christian sense, several decades ago — think Billy Graham — it no longer does. That’s in large part why Campus Crusade for Christ changed its name to Cru in 2011.

And it’s the same reason the Denver Christian Schools have now decided, after 65 years, to change their mascot from the “Crusaders” to something less… threatening.


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Mormon Leader at BYU Graduation: “Disconnect Immediately” from “Those Who Have Lost Their Faith”

During the commencement ceremonies for Brigham Young University on Thursday, most of the speeches were pretty typical, even for a school affiliated with the Mormon Church. Pursue your passions. Family comes first. Money isn’t everything. Don’t watch porn.

Typical stuff.

Elder L. Whitney Clayton, a leader in the Church’s Quorums of the Seventy, gave the main commencement speech. In addition to making the no-porn comment, he made this incredible remark:


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The Swiss Citizenship of Two Muslim Boys is At Risk After Handshake Controversy

Earlier this month, I posted about how two Muslim boys in Switzerland were at the center of controversy because they refused to shake their female teacher’s hand before and after class. They didn’t want to follow the longtime Swiss tradition because their religion, they claim, won’t allow them to touch women who aren’t family members.


Now, it may be getting even worse for the boys.

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