Two Welsh Students Launch Petition to End Collective Worship in Public Schools

In Wales, where prayer is a routine part of the school day, two students have launched a petition urging the Welsh government to do away with the religious ritual.

Rhiannon Shipton

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Teaching a Bible Class at a Public School? Then Don’t Brag About Proselytizing to Students

There’s a difference between treating the Bible as literature and teaching it as the Word of God. The former is okay and the latter isn’t, and there have been a number of times when Christians teaching the course have crossed the line. Lucky for us, one of those teachers bragged about how he plans to cross that line next year.


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A Christian Ministry Visited TX Public Schools and People Are Shocked They Promoted Christianity

FFRF says that Go Tell Ministries was invited to Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland — and several other schools — to deliver a secular message. The ministry used the opportunity to promote a separate religious event.


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Good Luck With These Rotation-Related Riddles

If you have kids, you may want to bring them over to watch this video posing four rotation-related riddles and see if they can guess the answers.

They’re harder than they look.


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Catholic School Discovers Weird Trick To Jesus Up Yoga So It Doesn’t “Spiritually Harm” Students

Benedictine College in Kansas is rebranding “yoga” to sound less heathen-y.


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