A Child Was Punished At a Swedish Preschool After Not Saying “Amen” After a Meal

According to reports from Swedish newspapers, a three-year-old child was punished by his preschool teachers because he didn’t say “Amen” after finishing a meal.


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Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Pick Said the Goal of Reform Was to “Advance God’s Kingdom”

We already know Donald Trump‘s nominee for the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is a disaster for church/state separation. We’re now learning that her goal in the world of education is to “advance God’s Kingdom,” according to comments she made several years ago at a gathering of Christian leaders.


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Air Force Academy Football Coach Accused of Using His Title to Illegally Promote Christianity

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation says that one of the coaches of the Air Force Academy’s football team, Steed Lobotzke, is using his Twitter account to illegally proselytize.


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Oregon School District Unfairly Criticized After Asking Teachers Not To Go Overboard with Santa

The Hillsboro School District in Oregon sent a perfectly sensible memo to staffers this week, and it’s already getting blown out of proportion, as media outlets are reporting that the District has effectively “banned” Santa from the classroom.


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Why the Philosophy of Religion Should No Longer Be Taught

We would all laugh at the idea of Creationism being taught as part of a university’s science curriculum, yet many philosophy programs include classes on religion. Author John Loftus argues in his latest book Unapologetic (Pitchstone Publishing, 2016) that the philosophy of religion needs to end. We should take it no more seriously than a class on the philosophy of fairies.


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