To the Once-More-Pregnant Bristol Palin, from a Fellow Single Mother

Bristol! You’re pregnant! Again! Without a ring! Again!

I still remember the first time you broke such news. Your mom was running for Vice President on a platform that strongly advocated for abstinence-only sex education, and there you were: her supposedly abstinent teen daughter, knocked up. It turned you into the butt of a seemingly endless parade of jokes, and as a brand new unwed mom myself at the time, I’d never been so grateful to be a bit of a nobody.

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Teacher Sued After Punishing Second-Grader for Being an Atheist

How awful of a teacher do you have to be to tell a child there’s something wrong with him because he’s an atheist?

Earlier this year at Forest Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a second-grader known only as A.B. was asked by his classmate where he went to church:

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This is How Brigham Young University’s Honor Code Hurts Mormons Who May Question Their Faith

Brigham Young University is a private institution owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a “Mormons”). Unlike some other religiously-operated schools, BYU is a fully accredited and well-respected academic institution. (They even teach evolution!) They also willingly admit both Mormon and non-Mormon students, though the latter pay a much higher tuition rate.

All students attending BYU, Mormon or not, are required to sign and live by the BYU “Honor Code,” which mandates that students live in BYU-approved housing and live by LDS standards — abstaining from alcohol, coffee, tobacco, narcotics, pre-marital sex, homosexual relations, and much more.

Somewhat insidiously, the Honor Code specifically targets Mormon students:

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Oklahoma Legislators Are Furious That Students Can’t Pray at Athletic Events, Even Though They Can

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA), which sanctions high school sports in the state, has an obligation to follow the law — as you would expect.

More than two decades ago, the OSSAA Board of Directors approved a policy that basically said they’ll abide by the Supreme Court decision in Lee v. Weisman (1992), which said public schools couldn’t sponsor prayers over the public address system at sporting events.

Simple enough. They didn’t even have to approve such a policy (since it was law), but they did.

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Principal Fired After Giving Prayer Books to Staff; She May File Discrimination Lawsuit Against School Board

Last week, DeKalb Community Unit School District 428 in Illinois voted 5-2 to fire elementary school principal Shahran Spears. Among the reasons for her dismissal were repeatedly examples of her using her position to push Christianity on the staff and students:

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