Evolution Heavyweights Are Asking Georgia University to Investigate Professor Accused of Preaching Creationism

At Georgia Southern University, History professor Dr. Emerson T. McMullen (below) teaches courses that discuss science and dinosaurs. Sure, there’s a connection between them… but that’s worth looking into, right?

He also has a personal website, not technically affiliated with the school (but still hosted on its servers), where he goes into much more depth about his beliefs… and his apparent support of Creationism.

That alone might be okay. He’s allowed to hold that belief. But if he ever preached it as true, that would obviously be a problem. And that’s precisely what he’s doing, according to a joint letter sent to the university’s president by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Jerry Coyne, and Richard Dawkins.

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UC Berkeley: We Will Not Rescind Bill Maher’s Invitation to Speak on Campus

Last week, we learned that comedian Bill Maher was invited to deliver the commencement address at University of California, Berkeley’s winter graduation ceremony.

The problem was that students were petitioning to stop him from speaking there:

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These Elementary School Students Can Get Free Shoes… but Only If They Accept the Bible, Too

Shoes 4 the Shoeless is one of those Christian non-profits that does something really wonderful: They give out socks and shoes to children who need them.

But there’s a catch:

We include a Christian New Testament in every box of shoes we deliver. Our mission is to provide properly fitting shoes and socks to children in desperate need. The Bibles are a bonus and are not an attempt to proselytize, they’re merely our way of sharing hope with all we encounter.

Riiiiight. A bonus gift no one asked for… but whatever. It’s their organization. They can do whatever they want.

The problem is when they make appearances at public schools to give away socks and shoes… and Bibles. Which they’ve been doing at several districts in the Dayton, Ohio area.

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Mayor of Sioux Falls Says He Will Not Paint Over Religious Snow Plow Messages

Earlier this month, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the city held an event where students from local schools and youth groups painted the plows the city will use when the snow hits.

But when two of the plows, painted by Christian schools, had religious messages, the city had to rethink their plan:

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Kirpan Controversy: Why Jerry Coyne Is Right and Hemant Is Wrong — Sikh Daggers Have No Place in Public Schools

Hemant wrote an eye-popping post yesterday in response to an article by Jerry Coyne about Sikh pupils habitually carrying ceremonial daggers called kirpans into U.S. public schools. My friend/colleague/boss argued that Coyne was wrong to object. Since kirpans are part of Sikhs’ religious requirements, Hemant thinks that we should accommodate Sikhs and their kirpans on religious-freedom grounds.

I respectfully disagree — completely. Below, I explain why in five points of rebuttal.


Hemant: “How quickly religious rights go out the window when we’re talking about people who aren’t in the majority.”

Me: Majority or minority status has nothing to do with it. Why would it? Let’s argue this on the merits, irrespective of whose superstitions are most popular.

So, to battle. Religious rights, you say? I call what you propose religious accommodationism. I’m only in favor of that when whatever is being accommodated extends to all pupils. If a school allows head coverings, the right to wear a hat should shouldn’t only be given to Jews wearing yarmulkes. It should also apply to Muslim students who want to wear the hijab … and to atheist students who feel like showing off their Flying Spaghetti Monster beanies.

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