Moderate Religious Leaders Come to Jessica Ahlquist’s Defense

by Jesse Galef – Perhaps I’d gotten too cynical, but I didn’t see this good turn of events coming. As announced yesterday, religious leaders in Cranston, Rhode Island stepped up to defend Jessica and speak out against the hateful comments, the bullying, and the threats. Here were the rapid reactions I jotted down as I [Read More...]

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Returns to Tennessee

The bill that didn’t have success last year is unfortunately back… It has been called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill because it would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality in public school classes in kindergarten through 8th grade. The House ran out of time last year to consider addressing this bill, but Republican representative Joey Hensley, [Read More...]

Evil Little Shirts and Young Turks

The Young Turks (Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur) spent some time talking about the over-the-top responses from some Christians to the Jessica Ahlquist story: On a side note, the Providence Journal had a nice, short article about the “Evil Little Thing” t-shirts which are being sold in Jessica’s honor. All profits from sales will be [Read More...]

Christian Fascism Is Coming to a Public School Near You

Katherine Stewart heard about a Christian group forming at her daughter’s school, and instead of closing her eyes and wishing it would go away, she dove in. She researched and researched and researched. She talked to people, went to symposia, delved into a world that wasn’t hers and where she very much did not want [Read More...]

A School Administrator Says Handing Out Bibles to Children is Not Religious Indoctrination

In Prince Edward Island, Canada, giving public school children a copy of the Gideon Bible has been the tradition for decades. But just because something is tradition doesn’t mean it’s right. (Just ask Jessica Ahlquist.) And one parent is finally pushing back: “I’ll be held responsible for my child’s belief system, not the schools,” Michael [Read More...]