After Former Students Say They Were Sexually Assaulted on Campus, Christian College Accuses Them (!) of Harassment

Pensacola Christian College, one of the most conservative Christian campuses in the country, has a problem. (In addition to all of their other problems, I mean.)

Like other fundamentalist institutions, they’re brushing off reports of sexual assault on their campus basically saying those things didn’t happen, have never happened, and never would happen.

In this case, the story begins at Fred Clark‘s site with a guest post by Samantha Field, a former Pensacola Christian College student who suffered through her own assaults and now tells the stories of two of her peers:

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Proposed Constitutional Amendment in Alaska Could See Taxpayer Money Going to Religious Schools

Alaska’s Constitution currently requires that, when it comes to public education, taxpayer funds cannot benefit private or religious schools. Makes perfect sense. Public funds should benefit the public, not help schools that thrive on donors and indoctrination.

However, a new bill could eliminate that provision, opening the door to public funding of religious education. Senate Joint Resolution No. 9 would remove the clause forbidding the funding of private and religious schools:

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In Oregon, Students Are Skipping Math Class to Learn About the Bible

There’s a law in Oregon — it’s been around for decades — that allows public school students to skip classes for up to two hours a week (or five if they’re in high school) in order to get “instruction in religion.”

PREP4Kids is one of those indoctrination programs. They even provide a shuttle to take kids, in one case, from Banks Elementary School to Banks Community United Methodist Church… because who needs to learn about math or reading when you can learn about Jesus and Genesis?

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Purdue University Allows Donor to Cite ‘God’s Physical Laws’ in Plaque Description

When Michael McCracken and his wife wanted to donate $12,500 to Purdue University’s School of Mechanical Engineering, he asked for a plaque honoring his parents to be installed outside one of the conference rooms:

To those who seek to better the world through the understanding of God’s physical laws and innovation of practical solutions. In honor of Dr. William ‘Ed’ and Glenda McCracken.

Purdue, as a public institution, didn’t want to appear to be endorsing religion (or open the door to other donors making similar demands, I figure), so they said they couldn’t accept the dedication as written.

So McCracken did what any generous donor would do: He threatened to sue, making sure the school’s legal costs would undo any money he ever gave them.

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When Hiring, Some Muslim Schools in the U.K. Practice a Shameless Kind of Gender Segregation

It’s not hard to spot what’s wrong with this picture … unless you’re running a Muslim school in the United Kingdom.

That’s not a one-time slip-up, but a pervasive pattern at some Islamic schools, says the British Humanist Association – even though this kind of thing has been against the law for the better part of 40 years.

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