Pickens County Board of Trustees (SC) Will Allow Invocations, but Only Religious Groups Will Be Invited to Give Them

The Pickens County Board of Trustees in South Carolina just decided to allow sectarian invocations at their meetings. And they think they’re above the law on this one despite the advice of their attorney:

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This Describes Catholic School Pretty Well…

(via Jessica Hagy)

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Another Day, Another Two Students Punished for Not Standing During the Pledge of Allegiance

These stories are coming non-stop lately thanks to the American Humanist Association’s recent campaign encouraging students to remain seated during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Today, the AHA’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter to the Washington County School District in Abingdon, Virginia on behalf of an 8th-grade student at E.B. Stanley Middle School.

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After Church/State Separation Advocate Mikey Weinstein Speaks at Patrick Henry College, School Deletes Video

Yesterday, I posted about how the Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘s Mikey Weinstein (below, right) recently sat down for an interview with WORLD Magazine editor-in-chief Dr. Marvin Olasky at Patrick Henry College, one of the most fundamentalist Christian schools in the nation.

You can read the positive reaction from students here, but what’s puzzling is that the school took down the video from their website within days of posting it. Chris Rodda explains:

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Pastor Explains How His Church Will Offer to Tutor Elementary School Kids… to Bring Their Families Closer to God

We’ve discussed the Good News Club on this site several times before — it’s basically an elementary school version of Campus Crusade for Christ. The Christians who run the groups want to reach the kids early — before they can think for themselves — in the hopes that they’ll be able to add another tally mark on the church walls and save some souls.

But there’s a less explicit, more insidious way to get to young children, and you can hear it in a recent sermon given at Calvary Alliance Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the clip below, Pastor David Robinette explains how his church plans to gather volunteers, then approach local elementary schools with the offer of tutoring children for free. Why tutor them? Because they’ll win over the children, which means winning over the families, which means they’ll eventually come to Jesus. He doesn’t say that last bit explicitly, but the path is evident.

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