Turkey’s Government is Building Mosques on College Campuses, So Students Are Demanding Jedi Temples, Too

Last month, Istanbul Technical University announced it would build a mosque on campus to accommodate Muslim students. But now non-Muslims are speaking out and it’s glorious :)

One Change.org petition called for a Buddhist temple to go up at the school:

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Catholic School in Iowa Won’t Hire Gay Teacher Because He’s Engaged, but Students Are Staging a Walkout

Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa is the latest school — and by latest, I mean I just posted about a similar situation a couple of hours ago — to reject a potential teacher for the faith-based crime of being gay and engaged:

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Catholic School Speech Coach, Who Led Team to Four State Championships, Will Be Fired if He Marries Boyfriend

A lot of readers know that I’m the head coach of a competitive high school Speech/Forensics Team in Illinois. Even though I’m not in the classroom anymore, I’m still coaching because I get to work with a wonderful group of students and it’s such a worthwhile activity. So this story hits really close to home.

If you visit the website for Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha, Nebraska, this image will greet you on the front page:

Their team has won the State tournament four years in a row. That’s just an incredible run — I’m envious — and a lot of the credit has to go to the coach there, Matthew Eledge, an English teacher at the school.

Or at least he is for the time being. School leaders told him he won’t be coming back in the fall if he ends up marrying his boyfriend.

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Texas High School Continues to Push Christianity on Students Even After Several Warnings

A few days ago, I posted about how Pittsburg High School (Texas) baseball coach Tommy Stewart not only conducted Bible studies with his players after practice once a week, he also punished those who didn’t attend by making them run for 20 minutes. According to a letter to the school district from the Freedom From [Read More…]

Appeals Court Agrees That California School District’s Secular Yoga Classes Are Not Illegally Promoting Hinduism

Last Friday, the California Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld an earlier court ruling that teaching yoga in school does not violate the constitution.

The case in question stems from a suit that was filed after the Encinitas Union School District introduced yoga classes in 2012. Some local parents claimed that the class was indoctrinating students in Hinduism, thus violated their Christian beliefs and the students’ constitutional rights.

The district, however, was actually pretty conscientious about ensuring the secular nature of the program, and the parents in question were, let’s say, stretching the truth with their claims about indoctrination.

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