Update on the Student Who Said ‘Homosexuality Is Wrong’ in His German Class

A few days ago, I posted about a Christian student who said in his high school German class that “being a homosexual is wrong.” That student, Dakota Ary, was suspended after he said that when his teacher, Kristopher Franks, cited him in a disciplinary referral. I defended Ary at the time, but noted that we [Read More...]

An Atheist University Opens in India

Alright, I’ll admit I don’t know what they plan to teach or research… but at least their goals are promising? The Atheist Centre [in India] will open the country’s first atheism university and research centre, coinciding with the centenary celebrations of social activist Saraswathi Gora on Wednesday. The centre had been promoting a casteless society [Read More...]

Vanderbilt University Christians: Why Can’t We Discriminate?

Registered college organizations have to adhere to a few rules, one of which is that they must not be discriminatory. You can’t reject homosexuals or black people or Republicans or atheists from your organization because you don’t agree with their views. Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee audited the constitutions of around 300 campus groups and [Read More...]

Why Did This Canadian Public School Recite the Lord’s Prayer Every Morning?

One thing we’ve all learned from the Jessica Ahlquist case is that many public schools have religious symbols in the buildings — and they justify their placement by saying it’s “tradition.” It’s always been there, so it should always be there. Tradition is overrated, though, and in these cases, it doesn’t make it right. You [Read More...]

Christian Rapper Preaches at a Public Middle School in South Carolina

Read this message from the ACLU and try not to get furious: Recently, a South Carolina middle school held a worship rally that sought to convert students to Christianity. The worship rally took place during an in-school assembly and featured a Christian rapper, a sermon delivered by a local minister, and volunteers who prayed with [Read More...]