A Public High School Football Team in Georgia is Pushing Christianity on Players and There Are Pictures to Prove It

How much proof do you need that a public high school football team has an illegal dose of religion infused into it?

How about a picture of a team prayer?

How about a Bible verse quoted on the team’s workout log sheet?

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Taxpayer-funded Catholic Schools in Ontario Force Students to Take Religion Classes, Even if They Request Exemptions

In Ontario, Canada, where Catholic schools receive public funding, a new report by The Globe and Mail indicates that students who want to withdraw from religion classes for academic reasons are being denied. Mind you, these aren’t just comparative religion classes — they are classes in which you’re told what to believe.

Earlier this year, an Ontario court ruled that students could be exempt from those classes at a Catholic school, but many Catholic school administrators have decided the law only applies to “students whose parents declared themselves as public-school supporters”:

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Court Rules Against Texas Parents Who Stopped Homeschooling Their Nine Kids Because “They Were Going To Be Raptured”

One of the biggest concerns I have about the Christian homeschooling movement is that its proponents usually oppose any form of regulation. They don’t want anyone checking up on parents to make sure they’re doing the bare minimum necessary to educate their children, a stance that allows neglectful parents to slip through the cracks.

Michael McIntyre and Laura McIntyre are perfect examples of what I’m talking about. In 2004, they removed all nine of their children from a private school so they could be homeschooled. But Michael’s brother Tracy said he “never observed the children pursuing traditional schoolwork” when they were supposed to be learning.

The reason?

Tracy overhead one of the McIntyre children tell a cousin that they did not need to do schoolwork because they were going to be raptured.

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Tennessee Governor Proclaims Today as “Day of Prayer Over Students Across Tennessee”

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has declared today a “Day of Prayer Over Students Across Tennessee,” which may literally be the least helpful way to help students across the state.

The proclamation, signed a few days ago at the request of the Christian group First Priority, declares that prayer is the solution to some of the biggest problems students face:

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Once Again, Florida County School Board Candidates Grilled on Their Religious Beliefs

Remember how, last week, there was a forum for candidates running for seats on the School Board of Highlands County (in Florida)? The five candidates from District 5 all answered questions at the Avon Park Lakes Baptist Church… because that’s where public education should be debated.

This week, they held the forum for candidates from District 1. And guess what? Once again, the focus was on their religious credentials:

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