Students Protest After Duquesne University Rejects Atheist Group

This is a guest post by Cate Laskovics. Cate is the president of the Secular Alliance at the University of Pittsburgh. For more background on this article, click here. … Yesterday afternoon, more than twenty students from three different universities came together to support nontheistic and secular students at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh who are [Read More...]

Pennsylvania State Senator Tells Atheists to Send Their Kids to ‘An Atheist School’ with School Vouchers

***Update***: There’s better video and more excerpts at Justin’s blog. … There’s one main reason church/state separation advocates don’t support school vouchers: It would allow parents to send their kids to religious schools on the taxpayer dime. (Want a second reason? The private schools also wouldn’t be held to the same accountability standards as the [Read More...]

Public Elementary School Children in Wichita Will Spend Thanksgiving Week at a Church

You remember reader Jessica. Her daughter’s Wichita, Kansas elementary school was host to the book fair featuring pro-Christianity books… The FFRF sent a letter to the school letting them know they were not legally allowed to push one particular religion onto children that way. It doesn’t look like the school learned its lesson. They have [Read More...]

NOVA Documentary About the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Trial Now on YouTube

If you never had a chance to watch the brilliant NOVA episode “Judgment Day” about the trial over Intelligent Design and Creationism in Dover, Pennsylvania, it’s now up on YouTube as one feature-length movie (and not just little snippets on PBS). Make time to watch this: (via Why Evolution is True) [Read more...]

How Do You Stop a Graduation Prayer at a Public University?

When the University of Georgia in Athens holds its graduations (about three a year), they have someone recite a prayer at the ceremony. It’s always a “sectarian” prayer that leans Christian — kind of like all those “non-denominational” prayers people recite before so many city council meetings… The UGAtheists are trying to put a stop [Read More...]