Vassar College Ranked Least Religious College in America by the Princeton Review

The Princeton Review just released its 2014-2015 annual college rankings in a variety of categories, and when it comes to the least religious students in the country, Vassar (below) takes the top spot.

Here’s where the schools rank:

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If You Want to Learn About Atheists, Don’t Watch the Movie God’s Not Dead

Neil Carter, who’s blogging at Patheos now, offers a helpful (and highly snarky) list of the take-away messages he got from God’s Not Dead, the awful movie about a Christian student and his atheist professor:

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Publicly-Funded Charter School That Had Clergy Member Deliver Graduation Sermon Promises It Won’t Happen Again

Back in June, I posted about Hope Academy, a publicly-funded charter school in California, because their graduation ceremony featured a pastor who delivered a sermon:

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Charter School Run by Arizona House Republican Eddie Farnsworth Accused of Christian Bias in English Class

According to the syllabus for a seventh-grade English teacher at Benjamin Franklin Charter School in Arizona, students will soon be reading selections from the Old Testament… a book that was apparently written 6000 years ago.

(Why on earth would seventh graders at a public school be reading Genesis and Exodus, anyway?)

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After Several Local Shootings, Pastors Want to Visit Florida Public Schools to “Help” Kids… and Spread the Faith

Times have been rough in Panama City, Florida lately. A series of shootings have put residents on alert, including students who will soon be heading back to school.

But when they arrive on campus, more than 30 Christian pastors will be waiting for them, validating that old political canard about never letting a serious crisis go to waste.

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