The Graduation Was Like ‘a Revival Meeting’

I know you’re all wondering what happened at the Medina Valley Independent School District’s graduation in Castroville, Texas yesterday since the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said prayers would be allowed there. Have a look: The headline at the Christian Post says it all: “Texas Graduation Takes Advantage of Prayer Ruling, Goes All Out” [Read More...]

There’s Now a Secular Education Option for Students in Morinville!

Remember Donna Hunter? She was the parent from Morinville (in Alberta, Canada) who was doing everything she could to get at least one secular school in the area to combat the four Catholic schools already there. When I posted about it in April, the school board had rejected her request, but they were “conducting a [Read More...]

Prayer at a Public School Graduation in Texas

After all the graduation prayer chaos of the past few weeks, you would hope everyone learned their lesson: Graduation ceremonies are not a substitute for church. School officials can’t say a prayer. Individuals students may reference god in their speeches, but they shouldn’t be giving sermons or leading everyone in the Lord’s Prayer. It’s one [Read More...]

A Better Pledge of Allegiance

I think I’d be fine leading my classes in this version of the Pledge of Allegiance (courtesy of The Whitest Kids U’ Know): I pledge allegiance To the flag Of the United States of America Thank you very, very much for letting us little kids live here. It really, really was nice of you. You [Read More...]

A Christian Graduation Prayer

Jeff Swenson at Freethunk! offers an honest depiction of a public school graduation prayer… as said by a Christian: Today’s the last day to donate to the Damon Fowler fund, by the way… as if you haven’t donated an incredible amount already. [Read more...]