Young Atheists Are Uniting with the Help of Tolerant Teachers

The Southern Poverty Law Center puts out a magazine called Teaching Tolerance a couple times a year. It’s aimed at educators, letting them know how they can be inclusive and accepting of all kinds of minorities. The Fall, 2011 issue has a wonderful article by Victoria Lim called “The Unaffiliated Unite” — it’s about the [Read More...]

Math Teacher with Godly Banners in Classroom Loses Lawsuit

Bradley Johnson is a math teacher at Westview High School in the (public) Poway Unified School District in California. He’s been working in the district for decades. You know he’s a math teacher because he’s had these posters hanging in his classroom for decades now: In God We Trust One Nation Under God God Bless [Read More...]

High School Graduation Ceremonies Can Be Held in Church, Say Judges

On Friday, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 (PDF) that public high schools holding graduation ceremonies inside churches were not violating the Establishment Clause and church/state separation. “There is no realistic endorsement of religion by the mere act of renting a building belonging to a religious group,” Judge Kenneth R. Ripple wrote for [Read More...]

Christian Parent: We Must Stop Schools from Teaching Kids That Gay Couples Exist!

The Christian group CitizenLink (a Focus on the Family affiliate) has exposed the gay agenda in public schools! Thankfully, Education Analyst Candi Cushman is here to tell us how the homosexuals are out to indoctrinate the children by teaching them about things like (*ugh*) tolerance. I can’t believe it either. They’re teaching kids in first [Read More...]

So I Got Ahold of Jerry Buell’s Syllabus…

Jerry Buell is the teacher who was reassigned out of the classroom because of anti-gay messages he posted on his private Facebook wall (though he was “Facebook friends” with current students, which is just shady…). Even though he’s now back in the classroom, the evidence shows that Buell had no problem talking about his faith [Read More...]