InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Members Pray for the Right to Discriminate on Campus

It’s tough to be a Christian group on college campuses these days. I mean, everyone expects you to play by the rules, even though we all know Christians deserve special rights that allow them to discriminate against LGBT students and their allies.

We saw this at Bowdoin College in Maine last month, when leaders of the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship were about to lose their designation as an official campus group (with all the privileges that come with it) because they really really really wanted to make sure nobody who supported LGBT-rights had the opportunity to become a leader of their group. School administrators, on the other hand, refused to allow official campus groups to discriminate for any reason.

Today, leaders of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, one of the more well-known national college Christian groups, made a plea for their members to take a stand against the California State University system. Here’s IVCF President Alec Hill:

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George Fox University, with Title IX Religious Exemption in Hand, Discriminates Against Transgender Student

I happened to graduate from a school that’s notorious for being exempt from Title IX, the law that says schools receiving federal funding can’t discriminate on the basis of gender. After the rash of rape-related Title IX rights violations over the past few years, I tend to keep my eyes open for instances where Christian colleges are using exemptions from the nines to practice hypocritical Christianity and bigotry on their campuses.

The latest of these violations in the guise of religious freedom is taking place at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon. Jayce Marcus (above), a fully transitioned transgender man, has been in a battle with the school for equal access to male housing. The school showed its desperation to remain inhospitable to LGBTQ individuals through a hush-hush, rush application for a religious exemption from Title IX from the Department of Education. Simply put, they didn’t want to allow someone they still believe is female to live with men.

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This Church Teaches Evolution Classes Over the Summer, and Creationist Ken Ham is Furious

When 30 kids gather inside a church over the summer, you expect to hear about Vacation Bible School. But the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield (Missouri) does something far more useful:

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Edmonton Public School District Drops Abstinence-Based Sex Education Classes

The other day, I posted about a mother-daughter team who were fighting back against the factually untrue, abstinence-only sex education classes that were being taught in the Edmonton Public School District.

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New Rule: Students Who Have a Same-Sex Wedding Can’t Be Mad When Their Christian Schools Expel Them For It

Southwestern Christian University, in Oklahoma, makes its students sign a “lifestyle covenant” upon acceptance. It’s one of those lists that says you can’t smoke or drink or be in the dorm of the opposite sex after hours. And don’t you dare have sex. It’s part and parcel of going to a school like that.

Christian Minard signed that covenant a few years ago when she came to the school on a basketball scholarship. Despite leaving the team to avoid injuries and giving up her scholarship, she remained at the school and would have started her senior year this fall.

Now, she’s been expelled. The reason? She got married last spring to her longtime girlfriend Kadyn Park:

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