You All Amaze Me…

I made a post about Damon Fowler last night and set up a ChipIn widget where you can contribute toward a scholarship for him — just one way to show how much we appreciate him standing up for church/state separation. I’ve been gone most of the day, but when I looked tonight, I saw you [Read More...]

This District Is About to Get Sued…

Here’s another high school atheist you’ll want to keep on your radar: Damon Fowler. I’m catching up on his whole story, so to help me out (and maybe to help you out), I’m just writing up the bulletpoint version of what went down. Damon, a senior, knew that prayers would be said during the graduation [Read More...]

What Would You Want Young Atheists to Know?

Some of the students at my high school are planning to start a Secular Student Alliance group next year (Their idea, not mine, though I’m honored to be their sponsor). We met yesterday to talk about what they’d like to do with such a group, what goals they have, etc. Among other things, they said [Read More...]

Those Awful Science Textbooks

One thing we know about the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham is that he pays very careful attention to science textbooks. He wants to make sure home-schooled Christian families have only the best resources for their kids. We took some photographs (this is just a small sample) of the sorts of materials being sold at these [Read More...]

AP Must Stand for Annoying Prayers…

Over the past couple weeks, many students at my high school (and others across the country) took their Advanced Placement exams. Because they need absolutely silence — and because we don’t have enough space for all our students to take the more popular tests in a quiet environment — they took certain exams in other [Read More...]