You Can Lead a Creationist to Water…

Peter Boghossian, a philosophy professor at Portland State University, was faced with a dilemma recently when a student in his “Science and Pseudoscience” class wrote this on her final exam: “I wrote what I had [to] to ‘agree’ with what was said in class, but in truth I believe ABSOLUTELY that there is an amazing, [Read More...]

Karnataka Official: Indian Children Must Read Bhagavad Gita in the Classroom

Looks like forced religion in public schools is a problem in India, too: Karnataka education minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri has said that it the duty of every Indian to respect sacred Hindu text, Bhagavad Gita, else they should leave the country. “The Bhagavad Gita is like the Sun. I think that it is the duty [Read More...]

Can't Wait to See the Exam Question About This…

Gotta love Doonesbury: The comic actually raises a deeper question: Would you rather a science teacher bring up Creationism/ID in order to debunk it, or would you rather the teacher not mention the fake “controversy” in the first place? I understand the arguments for the latter. Why bother mentioning something that’s not science? Why limit [Read More...]

Not the Place for a Sermon

On June 4th, Rev. Daniel “Cowboy” Stewart gave an interesting sermon…: With the help of a volunteer from the audience, Stewart, pastor of Cedar Cliff Baptist Church in Robbinsville, illustrated the pull of the devil, who prowls like a “roaring lion,” as described in the biblical Book of Peter. Stewart wrapped ropes of different colors [Read More...]

Islamic Prayers Allowed in Toronto Schools

We’re so used to atheists going after prayer in public schools that it’s a pleasant shock when any other group leads the charge against it. But that’s what’s happening in Toronto: A Hindu group [Canadian Hindu Advocacy] that regularly criticizes Islam is going after a Toronto school for holding prayer sessions for Muslim students on [Read More...]