A Better Pledge of Allegiance

I think I’d be fine leading my classes in this version of the Pledge of Allegiance (courtesy of The Whitest Kids U’ Know): I pledge allegiance To the flag Of the United States of America Thank you very, very much for letting us little kids live here. It really, really was nice of you. You [Read More...]

A Christian Graduation Prayer

Jeff Swenson at Freethunk! offers an honest depiction of a public school graduation prayer… as said by a Christian: Today’s the last day to donate to the Damon Fowler fund, by the way… as if you haven’t donated an incredible amount already. [Read more...]

Non Prophets Radio Interviews Student Activists

The latest episode of The Non Prophets podcast includes really great interviews (MP3) with Damon Fowler (2:45 mark) and Jessica Ahlquist (29:35 mark). I don’t listen to many atheist podcasts, but I listened to this one the whole way through and was thankful I did. If you do nothing else, check out Jessica’s segment and [Read More...]

More Public School Prayers

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has filed a lawsuit against Medina Valley Independent School District in Castroville, Texas because they have every intention to say a prayer during a June 4th graduation ceremony. This comes after a more polite letter was ignored by district officials: Americans United filed the lawsuit on behalf [Read More...]

Zack Kopplin Appears on Hardball

Zack Kopplin, the student leading the fight to repeal the misnamed “Louisiana Science Education Act,” appeared on Hardball last night and did one hell of a nice job: You can read Zack’s challenge to Rep. Michele Bachmann here. Even FSM prophet Bobby Henderson sends along his praises: All in all it was an excellent appearance. [Read More...]