New Hampshire Father Protests a Youth Novel, Is Arrested For Exceeding His Allotted Time at a School Board Meeting

In the video below, an agitated New Hampshire father named William Baer is arrested for getting mouthy at a school board meeting in Gilford, New Hampshire, two days ago. He begins talking out of turn at 0:22, and after about half a minute an honest-to-god cop motions for him to submit to arrest, which Baer, flummoxed and incredulous, ultimately does.

By 1:59, he’s in handcuffs. Off to the paddy wagon with him, I guess.

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Todd Starnes Claims Fifth-Grader Isn’t Allowed to Read Bible at School; Once Again, the Facts Say Otherwise

The latest pseudo-example of society persecuting Christians comes to us from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. And it has the Todd Starnes Stamp of Bullshit, which gives you an indication of how much of the story you’re not hearing…

Here’s the abridged version of the story as Starnes tells it: Park Lakes Elementary School fifth-grader Giovanni Rubeo was reading his Bible at school when a teacher made him stop. The teacher even called his dad and said, “He’s not permitted to read those books in my classroom.”

The district’s legal department later told the dad that his son could read the Bible “before school, after school and during lunch, in accordance to the law.” Which is clearly code for “not during school.”

And that’s where Starnes ends his story. Oh. Wait. I forgot Starnes’ last line: “Had the kid been reading Fifty Shades of Grey, he probably would’ve been given a gold star.”

Yep, because those godless Communist teachers love it when children read a badly-written story of BDSM…

Anyway, what happens when we dig a little deeper into this story?

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This Man Is Trying to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Protestant Churches

Earlier this year, Bob Jones University, a very conservative Christian school, realized it had a reputation for being home to a lot of unchecked sexual abuse. They vowed to seriously get to the bottom of this and hired a ministry group called Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) to investigate.

That didn’t go so well. They fired GRACE before it issued a final report, only to rehire GRACE after a major outcry from students and alumni.

The final report still hasn’t been issued.

Kathryn Joyce, who had written a couple of jaw-dropping books about aspects of Christian culture, has now written a #longform profile of Boz Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham and GRACE’s Director. Through his eyes, Joyce looks at the future of Protestant institutions:

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Why is Kentucky Spending Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Bus Children to Private Religious Schools?

Public education has taken a beating in a lot of states over the past few years, but what’s happening in Kentucky makes no sense at all:

Over the last six years, as the state of Kentucky shrank public education funding, it spent nearly $18 million to pay for student busing at private, mostly religious schools in two dozen counties, according to state financial records.

The religious schools have come to rely on government aid for their transportation — but the whole point of private schools is that they are funded by parents who want to opt out of the government system. If you don’t want to enroll your kids in public school, you have that choice, but why should tax dollars support transportation costs for schools that serve to indoctrinate?

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High School Baseball Coach Who Led Team in Prayer Will No Longer Be Doing That, Says District

A couple of days ago, I posted about the baseball dynasty at Owasso High School in Oklahoma.

Their coach Larry Turner had led the team to multiple state titles and a perfect season last year. But a profile of Turner in a local newspaper shed light on a troubling aspect of his leadership:

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