A Florida Man is Furious That Schools Allow Students To Opt Out of Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

A Florida man is furious after seeing a page in his niece’s student handbook allowing her to remain seated during the Pledge of Allegiance with a parent’s signature. He doesn’t understand that Florida law requires school districts to remind students of their Pledge rights.


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Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Ban Women from Going To College and Getting a “Dangerous” Secular Education

According to a document obtained by The Independent (UK), Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis who are part of the Satmar sect are banning women from obtaining university degrees because “It is dangerous.”

Hasidic Jews

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Aron Ra on Countering Creationism in Texas

In a talk for the Center for Inquiry given this past April, Aron Ra spoke about the battle to counter the teaching of Creationism in Texas:


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Ellery Schempp Tells the BBC About His Role in Ending Mandatory Bible Readings in Public Schools

Ellery Schempp is the activist whose protest against mandatory Bible readings at his public school in the 1950s played a pivotal role leading to the Supreme Court’s 1963 decision to end the practice. He recently spoke with the BBC radio show Witness about that incident and it’s a joy to hear him tell the story in his own voice.


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Conservative Columnist Says LGBT Activists Have Gone Too Far in Calling out BYU’s Bigotry

Last week, a coalition of 25 groups urged the Big 12 conference, which is looking to expand its current roster of 10 member schools, not to allow Brigham Young University to join because of the Utah school’s bigotry toward LGBT students. Among other things, BYU suspends or expels students who are openly gay and is exempt from Utah’s LGBT non-discrimination laws.

Conservative columnist Neal Larson sees this whole controversy as overreach by LGBT activists. Somehow.


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