Powerful Film About Ex-Muslims is a Form of “Atheist Islamophobia,” Says Anonymous Critic

Last month, filmmaker Deeyah Khan released her latest documentary Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers — all about Muslim apostates and the challenges they face.

You’d think screening the film in Portland (OR) would be safe enough, but some critics couldn’t handle it, defacing posters and leaving notes near the fliers.


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Franklin Township School Board in Indiana Sued for Beginning Meetings with Christian Prayers

The Franklin Township School Board in Indiana just got sued for opening up meetings with a Christian prayer, something that is undoubtedly illegal.


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PA High School Football Coach Will No Longer Pray with Players, Says New Superintendent

Jack Henzes, the head football coach at Dunmore High School in Pennsylvania, will no longer pray with his team after decades of breaking the law. The Freedom From Religion Foundation received confirmation from the new superintendent.


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Secretary of Education Pick Betsy DeVos May Be a Disaster for Church/State Separation

Donald Trump has selected Michigan Republican Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education. While that may sound like a relief when you consider the others who were in the running, DeVos’ appointment should frighten anyone who cares about church/state separation.


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Atheist Whose Group Called Out School District’s Promotion of Christianity Is Now Being Threatened

Last week, the Kentucky-based Tri-State Freethinkers sent a letter to the Grant County Schools, asking them to put a stop to the numerous constitutional violations they had documented.

We still haven’t seen a public response from the District just yet, but the atheist group’s leader, Jim Helton, has seen some disturbing messages flood his inbox.


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