E.W. Jackson: If After School Satan Clubs Exist, Public Schools Must Promote Christianity

Because After School Satan clubs are allowed to exist at public schools, conservative Pastor E. W. Jackson thinks that public schools ought to be preaching Christianity during the day. That means mandatory prayers and Bible readings.


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Judges Rule in Favor of Student-Delivered Christian Invocations at TX District’s Board Meetings

My fear is that this practice will now spread, and school board meetings will become yet another extension of local churches.


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Goodbye, Old Map of the World: The Boston Public Schools Are Embracing the Gall–Peters Projection

The Mercator projection — the traditional map of the world which understates the size of Africa and South America while overstating the size of Europe — is being phased out of the Boston Public Schools in favor of the more accurate Gall-Peters Projection.


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A TX School is Helping Muslims, So the Attorney General Now Cares About Church/State Separation

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has always been known as an opponent of church/state separation, but his selective approach to enforcing the principle is truly disturbing.


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The Satanic Temple’s “Never Be Hit In School Again” Billboard Has Been Vandalized

A day after going up, The Satanic Temple‘s anti-corporal punishment billboard in Springtown, Texas has already been vandalized.


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