These FL Football Coaches Are Sending Players to a Christian Summer Camp

There will come a day when high school football coaches understand there’s a separation between church and state and refrain from pushing their own religious beliefs on their players.

That day hasn’t come yet.


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Students in Ontario Can Now Opt Out of Religion Classes at Catholic Schools

In Ontario, where Catholic schools receive public funding, a settlement by a Human Rights Tribunal has paved the way for students to be exempt from religion classes without punishment.


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Appeals Court Hears Case of WA Football Coach Fired Over Public Prayers at Games

Should a high school football coach be able to pray on the field while still on the clock?

A Washington school district said no because those prayers were coercive and suggested an endorsement of Christianity. The coach sued, lost, and appealed. And both sides battled it out in the Appeals Court this week.

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A Pennsylvania School District Was Right To Reject Student’s Graduation Prayer

Moriah Bridges wanted to deliver a Christian prayer at graduation. The District told her she couldn’t because it was illegal.

That’s not Christian persecution. That’s just the District following the law.


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Alabama High School Warned After Promoting Religion at Graduation Ceremonies

How can one school screw up two graduation ceremonies, including one they weren’t even supposed to be involved with?


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