Putting a Stop to a Public School Preacher

After posting a lot about schools in which teacher-preachers aren’t really punished, it’s nice to hear about schools where incidents like these are put to rest immediately. Reader Andrew shared this story with me via email. It takes place during his senior year of high school in 2002: I was taking two periods of band, [Read More...]

You Need a Survey for This?

Canadians in Alberta, what the hell is going on in your education system? It’s not like most American schools are anything to brag about, but at least the notion of secular education isn’t up for debate: The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division will conduct a survey to determine how many people in Morinville want [Read More...]

Libertyville’s Creationist Science Teacher Keeps Job and Receives ‘Remediation’

My thoughts on Libertyville High School’s Creationist science teacher are now up on the Chicago Tribune‘s Seeker blog. Here’s the opening: Beau Schaefer, a science teacher at Libertyville High School, has learned the punishment for preaching creationism in the classroom: Nothing. After a school board meeting Tuesday night in which both sides of the evolution [Read More...]

Christian Group Opposes Telling Children the Truth About Sex

Here’s what I know about Senate Bill 1619, filed recently by Illinois State Senator Heather A. Steans: It calls for comprehensive sex education, while supporting abstinence: Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades 6 through 12 shall include instruction on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy [Read More...]

Where Will ‘Under God’ Case Go From Here?

Last we heard, Michael Newdow‘s long-standing attempt to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance was stopped (again) by the Supreme Court. More recently, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled against him in his attempt to get “In God We Trust” off the currency, saying that “the phrase is [Read More...]