Gay Students at a Christian University Tell Their Stories

Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas is a Christian school (associated with the Churches of Christ). It’s the type of school where students have to attend chapel and abide by a curfew. Sex outside marriage is forbidden. So is pornography. But, as it turns out, there are gay students even at Harding. And today, a group [Read More...]

ACLU of Virginia Defends Christian Students

You hear all the time that the ACLU is just a group of liberal atheists, but members of the organization (I’m one of them) and those who simply pay attention to what they do know otherwise. Case in point: Christian athletes at Floyd County High School in Virginia put copies of the Ten Commandments up [Read More...]

An Atheist Group at a Lutheran Campus

It’s hard enough to begin an atheist group at a secular school, but it’s even harder when you go a “religious” campus. The hoops you have to jump through and the stigma from other students and administrators can be overwhelming. But when such a group exists, it’s amazing how many students flock to it. There’s [Read More...]

All Four Lake Zurich Unit District 95 School Board Candidates Believe in Creationism

Last week, I mentioned a school district in Illinois where two of the candidates for school board were Creationists. Another district is now trying to prove they’re even crazier. Lake Zurich Unit District 95 (home to Lake Zurich High School), in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago, is having school board elections in April. 4 [Read More...]

He Still Should Have Fought the Female Wrestler

Earlier this week, I mentioned the story of the evangelical Christian wrestler (Joel Northrup) who refused to fight a girl (Cassy Herkelman) in the state tournament, thus forfeiting his own shot at a state title and taking away her chance at showing everybody what she could do against him in a match. Rick Reilly at [Read More...]