Why Did This Canadian Public School Recite the Lord’s Prayer Every Morning?

One thing we’ve all learned from the Jessica Ahlquist case is that many public schools have religious symbols in the buildings — and they justify their placement by saying it’s “tradition.” It’s always been there, so it should always be there. Tradition is overrated, though, and in these cases, it doesn’t make it right. You [Read More...]

Christian Rapper Preaches at a Public Middle School in South Carolina

Read this message from the ACLU and try not to get furious: Recently, a South Carolina middle school held a worship rally that sought to convert students to Christianity. The worship rally took place during an in-school assembly and featured a Christian rapper, a sermon delivered by a local minister, and volunteers who prayed with [Read More...]

The Student Who Said ‘Being a Homosexual is Wrong’ Didn’t Deserve To Be Suspended

There are a lot of stories out there about how a 14-year-old boy, Dakota Ary, got suspended from Western Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas because he made a comment in German class that his teacher didn’t like: “We were talking about religions in Germany. I said, ‘I’m a Christian. I think being a [Read More...]

Alabama High School Stops Football Pre-Game Prayers After FFRF Sends Letter

For the past decade, public prayers have been a regular part of the weekly football pre-game ritual at Arab High School in Alabama. That led the Freedom From Religion Foundation to send a notice (PDF) to the district’s superintendent: Arab City Schools must take immediate action to ensure that prayers are not scheduled at any [Read More...]

When Filing a Church-State Lawsuit, Should You Remain Anonymous?

In Giles County, Virginia, a Ten Commandments display just went up at Narrows High School. A student at the school, working with the ACLU of Virginia and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has filed a lawsuit. But the students wishes to remain anonymous, opting to use the name “Doe 1″ instead. “I fear that if [Read More...]