Becoming an Atheist at a Christian University

David Manes is currently a law student in Pittsburgh. He graduated from a Christian college. He was a Christian when he went in but very different when he came out… I have a bit part in the story, but even without that, I think it’s a really inspirational post. Reading it, I was reminded of [Read More...]

Why Are There So Few High School Atheist Groups?

This article in the Columbus Dispatch makes me wonder why high school atheist groups aren’t as abundant as they ought to be. Considering how many atheists say they first got rid of their faith at around the age of 14-15, they seem like they would be more prevalent: The students in the group discuss belief [Read More...]

University of Chicago Hires ‘Humanist Advisor’

Josh Oxley, the newly-hired (but not paid, I’ve learned) “Humanist Advisor” for the University of Chicago, got some nice press in The Maroon: Maroon: What else does your job entail? Oxley: I advise for the Secular Student Alliance. I’m the graduate advisor for them. But at the same time my role is to really do [Read More...]

A Chance to Hear A Giant’s Words Come Alive

– by Richard Wade A friend of mine, Richard McNally, editor of Rational Alternative, the newsletter of Atheists United will be one of two speakers at a dramatic reading of selected writings by Robert Ingersoll on Saturday Oct. 16 in Santa Barbara, California. I saw his one-man performance of “A Visit with Robert Green Ingersoll” [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Teaching My Kids Religious Tolerance and Science at the Same Time

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed for their privacy. Richard, My non-religious (as of yet) kids (ages eleven and eight) go to my in-law’s church occasionally when they stay over Saturday night. They then attend the Sunday school portion with their rather religious cousins. When they get home, we discuss what they talked about and [Read More...]