AP Must Stand for Annoying Prayers…

Over the past couple weeks, many students at my high school (and others across the country) took their Advanced Placement exams. Because they need absolutely silence — and because we don’t have enough space for all our students to take the more popular tests in a quiet environment — they took certain exams in other [Read More...]

Teacher Suspended Because He Made Students Think

Back in high school, my English teacher had us read excerpts from Ecclesiastes. Not because it was religious in nature, but because it was a wonderful piece to analyze and discuss. With younger students, it’s harder to get them to have serious discussions about literature, so some teachers try to analyze different things. Like song [Read More...]

The Problem with the Scientology Curriculum? It’s Not Christian Enough

The other day, I mentioned how Illinois was considering adopting Scientology’s “Good Choices Program” into public schools. Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, was advocating for the program developed by her non-profit group Happy House. Illinois hasn’t accepted or rejected the program just yet, but I was pleased to see the Illinois Family Institute [Read More...]

High School Student Puts a Stop to Graduation Prayer Vote

About a year ago, Eric Workman was graduating from Indiana’s Greenwood High School. The school had allowed students to vote on whether or not to pray at graduation. Eric contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation and they put a stop to that illegal practice. As is always the case, student speakers were allowed to insert [Read More...]

High School Atheists Don’t Want to Stay Silent Any Longer

When I was in high school, it took me a while to come out as an atheist to even my closest friends. That got easier over time, but I wasn’t about to announce it to the world at that age. Walker Bristol, a student at Tufts, felt the same way. But his younger brother, a [Read More...]