Math Teacher Fired for Not Being Catholic Enough

A 27-year-old math teacher just got fired for supposedly being an atheist. (You can bet my eyes widened when I read about that…) But apparently, it’s all ok… because she worked at a Catholic school and they are allowed to do such things. Before you dismiss this story because St. Edmond Catholic School in Iowa [Read More...]

Come Celebrate with Me at DePaul?

Next Tuesday, June 1st, I’ll be speaking at DePaul University in Lincoln Park (near downtown Chicago). The event is free, starts at 6:00 p.m., and takes place in Munroe Hall. The Facebook event page is here. The event is sponsored by the DePaul University Secular Student Alliance — an exciting new group that began this [Read More...]

Much Ado About Your (Arizona) Neighbor’s Taxes

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn and Garriott v. Winn and will decide the constitutionality of a program that diverts tax money into private-school scholarships. This program allows donors a dollar-for-dollar reduction in state income taxes. The reduction is good for contributions of up to $1,000 if [Read More...]

Greenwood High School Tries to Circumvent Injunction Against Graduation Prayer

Greenwood High School in Indiana put a graduation prayer up to a vote a couple months ago. Students voted yes, so Constitution be damned, right? Not exactly. A wise judge said no — she issued an injunction against the school so they couldn’t say a prayer. So there you have it. No prayer during graduation, [Read More...]

Exeter High School Puts Graduation Prayer to a Vote

A couple weeks ago, Greenwood High School in Indiana put a graduation prayer to a vote. The majority of students voted “yes” to prayer, so that settled it, right? Of course not. You can’t vote on whether or not to follow the law. Greenwood students must have failed their own Government classes. A judge put [Read More...]