Can Churches Fire Employees Who Are Not Ministers?

Today the Supreme Court heard a case centering around whether teachers in religious schools should be exempt from civil rights laws. In 1999, Cheryl Perich began teaching at Hosanna-Tabor, a Lutheran Church-run school in eastern Michigan. Initially, she was a contract teacher. She later became a “called teacher” after she finished coursework at a Lutheran [Read More...]

John Freshwater’s Appeal is Denied

Remember John Freshwater, the Creationism-spewing science teacher who branded his students with a cross? He had been fired (after a long court battle)… but he appealed the decision. Today, Judge Otho Eyster denied the appeal. … there is clear and convincing evidence to support the Board of Education’s termination of Freshwater’s contract(s) for good and [Read More...]

An Atheist Group Forms at Presbyterian College

You wouldn’t think there are a lot of atheist groups at “religious” campuses, but a number of religiously-rooted schools have pretty diverse populations and they support the freedom for atheists groups like ours to thrive. Now, there’s one more to add to the growing list. Harrison Hopkins, a student who made news as a high [Read More...]

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Illinois Moment of Silence Case

Here in Illinois, the state mandates that we have a Moment of Silence in the classroom every day. (At my school, we do it over the loudspeakers during morning announcements.) That law was called the “Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act” until state officials revised its name to make it less Christian-y. It’s unenforceable and [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Mom Tells Teen Not to Rally the Atheists

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, I’ve got a bit of a problem with my family. I’m only 16 and I’m currently enrolled in college but due to my age I’m living with my mother. Most of my family lives out here in the bible belt and I’m a [Read More...]