The Need for a Humanist Chaplain at Tufts

Stephen Janick and Alexander Howard have an excellent op-ed in the Tufts Daily about the need for a Humanist chaplain at their school: While [Tufts Freethought Society] services the needs of its current membership through weekly meetings and the sponsorship of lecture series, its club status limits its ability to accommodate the needs of the [Read More...]

Public School System Partners with Religious Leaders

Henrico County Public Schools in Virginia are having meetings with religious leaders. One already took place and another is happening next month: Henrico County Public Schools will host two upcoming breakfast meetings for local faith-based leaders. Superintendent Dr. Patrick Russo will welcome the religious leaders and directly encourage their organizations to partner with Henrico County [Read More...]

Support Girls’ Education in Namibia

Reader Greg is an atheist working for the Peace Corps, teaching math and physical science at a girls’ school in Namibia. Besides his in-class work, he’s also spreading the message to his colleagues and community members that it’s possible to be a non-Christian who does good deeds — an important statement to make in a [Read More...]

The Dawkins Conservatoire

Francis Beckett imagines what the “Richard Dawkins Humanist Conservatoire” would look like: As a humanist school, we will pride ourselves on our teaching of religion. Other faith schools have agitated for and been given the right to discriminate against teachers and pupils who are not of the correct religion, but we will not. Our children [Read More...]

These Students Are Wonderful

It’s a tragic story, but there’s a glimmer of hope in it. Christine Judd was the dean of students and athletic director at Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts. She married her female partner over the summer. So the Roman Catholic Diocese forced her to resign. Christine Judd told the diocese this week she had [Read More...]