Member of Atheists of Florida Arrested for Disrupting School Board’s Prayer

You have to hand it to the Atheists of Florida: They don’t disappear when the initial media spotlight goes away. They’re still pushing to find out whether Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd did something illegal when he removed basketball hoops from a local prison and gave them to a local church: Now the group wants [Read More...]

Name a Freedom You Exercise…

The assignment asks: name “one freedom that you exercise in your life.” One kid has the right idea (via HaHaStop — Thanks to @CashewStyle for the link!) [Read more...]

Illinois House Introduces Bill to Repeal Moment of Silence and Prayer

I’ve written before about how the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer time is back in Illinois. After several wasted “moments” in the classroom, some legislators are finally trying to put a stop to this nonsense. House Bill 0273 (HB0273) was introduced by Republican (!!!) Jim Durkin and has since picked up co-sponsors Karen May and [Read More...]

He Should Have Fought the Female Wrestler

There’s a story making the rounds about a Christian high school wrestler who forfeited his chance to win a state title because he would’ve had to fight a female wrestler along the way: Joel Northrup, a home-schooled sophomore who was 35-4 wrestling for Linn-Mar High School this season, praised his first-round opponent, Cedar Falls freshman [Read More...]

Sandra Bickley and Kim Hansen Should Not Be Elected to the Fremont School District 79 School Board

When it’s happening in your neck of the woods — about 45 minutes north of Chicago — the “debate” about Creationism takes on a whole new level of seriousness. That’s why I’m paying special attention to the Fremont School District 79 school board elections. Here’s what you need to know: There are 4 candidates running [Read More...]