Talking About Maths with Jamila Bey

Last month, I did an interview with Jamila Bey for The Voice of Russia radio in which we talked about how to get math students to think more critically and creatively in American public schools. (In other words, this has nothing to do with atheism.) If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview here. [Read More...]

How Do You Get a Christian Ministry Out of Your Public School?

With all the debate over whether what teacher Jerry Buell did was permissible or not, here’s a clear cut case of what a public school teacher should not do. A teacher in the Bossier Parish Schools (in Louisiana) — about an hour from Damon Fowler‘s school — put bracelets promoting Christian ministry Team Impact on [Read More...]

Jerry Buell, I Rebuke Thee

There’s an update on Jerry Buell, the anti-gay high school teacher who was reassigned from the classroom because of things he posted on his Facebook page, but allowed back into his classroom on Thursday. A couple days ago, I defended his right to free speech, arguing that he should be able to post his thoughts [Read More...]

Christian College Asks Applicants: Are You a Member of the LGBT Community?

We all know there’s an awful relationship between Christian schools and LGBT students. At some schools, the mere mention that you like someone of the same sex will cause the Christian Police to come after you (reparative therapy, anyone?)… At some schools, like Harding University in Arkansas, anonymous gay students put out an ezine with [Read More...]

Christian Daycare in Iowa Institutes New Guidelines for Employees

How would you like it if the new manager at your workplace came in and said you’d have to reapply for your job because there are new requirements for all employees? That’s what happening at a daycare in Waukee, Iowa. Happy Time Daycare and preschool, while housed in a church, didn’t sound like that bad [Read More...]