After Religious Schools Censor Questions About Evolution on Standardized Tests, UK Regulatory Group Bans the Practice

About a month ago, we learned that at least one religious school in England gave students a required standardized science exam… with some of the questions redacted:

Those students were, therefore, unable to answer those questions. Turns out the reason for the blackouts was that the questions delved into the topic of evolution, something that one school advisor said flew in the face of their “ethos and culture.”

In the U.S., private religious schools don’t have to give these exams, but the schools we’re talking about here are “voluntary aided” schools, meaning they are funded mostly by the state and required to follow certain state protocols, despite being religious in nature.

The National Secular Society rightly felt that faith wasn’t a good excuse to shortchange these students’ education. They filed a freedom of information request and discovered that, not only were school officials blocking questions about evolution, but also that government officials were complicit in the process!

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The War on Christmas is On! These Christians Are Angry That a School District Renamed Christmas Break ‘Winter Recess’

The War on Christmas (2014 edition) has begun!

Years ago, the Norwood Public Schools decided to change the name of “Christmas Recess” to “Winter Recess” since, you know, not everyone believes in Jesus.

Theresa McNulty is still pissed off about that:

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After Christians Distribute Bibles at Elementary Schools, Atheists Ask Permission to do the Same… and Get It

Last fall, the ACLU of Kentucky sent letters to superintendents in the state warning them about how Gideons International, the Bibles-in-your-hotel-room people, were often given access to public elementary school children, “solely for the purpose of actively distributing copies of New Testament Bibles directly to students.”

It didn’t stop Casey County School District Superintendent Marion Sowders from allowing the Gideons into the district’s three elementary schools earlier this year.

If you were a non-Christian group, how would you respond?

Rather than filing a complaint, the Tri-State Freethinkers decided they just wanted equal access. You let the Gideons give away material to children? Then we want to do the same. So with the help of the ACLU, they sent a letter to Sowders requesting that books about Humanism be left for students to pick up.

It worked.

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Creationist to Give Commencement Address at Montana Engineering School. Let the Boycotts Begin

Greg Gianforte (below) is a wealthy Christian whose family foundation has donated a lot of money to “Christian causes in education, poverty and evangelism” including the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum — a Creation museum in Montana.

By itself, that’s not a big deal. He can waste his money however he’d like. But it gets worse. He and his wife have worked closely with both the conservative Heritage Foundation and an affiliate of Focus on the Family. His wife even testified against an ordinance that would ban discrimination against LGBT people.

But back to the Creation museum thing for a second. We’re talking about someone who believes the world is a few thousand years old, an idea that makes no sense to anyone trained in science.

So who was the genius who invited the Gianfortes to be the commencement speakers at an engineering school that graduates many of the top geologists in the world?

That would be Don Blakketter, chancellor of Montana Tech.

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Christian School Pushes Out Eight-Year-Old Girl Because She Doesn’t Look Feminine Enough

I’ve heard plenty of stories about Christian schools kicking out students. I’ve heard about them kicking out students who were openly gay. I’ve heard about them kicking out students whose parents were gay. But what happened to Sunnie Kahle was news even to me.

Timberlake Christian Schools in Virginia is essentially forcing her out because she doesn’t look feminine enough:

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