What Was It Like at Liberty University?

Kevin Roose, the author of the fantastic book The Unlikely Disciple, spoke at the recent Secular Student Alliance Columbia Leadership Summit in South Carolina. His talk was about his time as an undercover student at Liberty University, what he learned there, what he proposes for the future of theist/atheist collaboration: I’m so sad I couldn’t [Read More...]

From a Former Benilde-St. Margaret’s School Student

I posted a story yesterday about Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in Minnesota. High school senior Sean Simonson had written an article about the difficulty of life as a gay teen — it was published on the paper’s website, but then removed by administration because the comments were creating an “unsafe environment” for children. (They could’ve just [Read More...]

Catholic School Censors Newspaper Article by Gay Teenager

High school senior Sean Simonson wrote an article about the difficulty of life as a gay teen for the student newspaper at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in Minnesota. The piece was also published on the paper’s website… but after people started to comment on it, the administration couldn’t deal with it and removed the piece from [Read More...]

A Gay Teenager Stands Up for His Suspended Teacher

You may have already heard the story about Graeme Taylor, but it deserves to be spread. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Howell High teacher Jay McDowell had been suspended without pay “for two days for asking a student to remove her Confederate flag belt buckle and for ejecting two students from class after a heated exchange [Read More...]

A Positive Article About an Atheist Professor

When you hear the phrase “atheist professor,” maybe this often-forwarded, untrue email comes to mind. Dr. Hector Avalos is an atheist professor and an overall good guy — an educator who isn’t biased against religious students, a Bible scholar with several books to his name, and the faculty sponsor of the Iowa State University Atheist [Read More...]