Author of Cranston High School West Prayer Banner Lashes Out Against Jessica Ahlquist

Just when you thought the story was finally over… David A. Bradley, the person who wrote the prayer banner (at the age of 12) at the center of Jessica Ahlquist‘s successful lawsuit againt Cranston High School West, has a letter-to-the-editor appearing in today’s Hartford Courant. Turns out he’s not pleased with the fact that his [Read More...]

I’m Sure They’re Just Saying Boo-urns

Congratulations to my dear friends at the Illinois Family Institute! They just made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-gay Hate Groups… again: Want an example of their wretched ideology? On the Day of Silence (a student-led initiative to raise awareness about the “silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying”), IFI wants parents to remove their [Read More...]

Cranston High School West Prayer Banner Taken Down

Remember this? It has finally been taken down. The Rhode Island chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says the prayer banner at Cranston West High School has finally been taken down. The action comes seven weeks after a federal judge ruled the banner unconstitutional and ordered its immediate removal. The Cranston School Committee voted [Read More...]

Ask Richard: When Children Ask an Atheist Teacher About Her Religion

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, My wife and I are atheists, and so is my daughter. She is a graduate of a prestigious university and she is now working as a teacher. I think her students range from very young to pre-teen. Last night, she asked me a [Read More...]

Jewish School’s Team Chooses Sabbath Over Semifinals (UPDATE)

The Robert M. Beren Academy is an Orthodox Jewish school in Houston, TX. Its men’s basketball team, the Beren Academy Stars, qualified for the Division 2A state championship tournament – but, since the games fall during the Jewish Sabbath, the team has chosen to withdraw from the tournament on religious grounds. If Beren were a [Read More...]