The Dawkins Conservatoire

Francis Beckett imagines what the “Richard Dawkins Humanist Conservatoire” would look like: As a humanist school, we will pride ourselves on our teaching of religion. Other faith schools have agitated for and been given the right to discriminate against teachers and pupils who are not of the correct religion, but we will not. Our children [Read More...]

These Students Are Wonderful

It’s a tragic story, but there’s a glimmer of hope in it. Christine Judd was the dean of students and athletic director at Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts. She married her female partner over the summer. So the Roman Catholic Diocese forced her to resign. Christine Judd told the diocese this week she had [Read More...]

What’s a Parent to Do When His Child’s Teacher is a Creationist?

While we’re on the topic of being outspoken, here’s an interesting story from Dale McGowan. His high-school-age son, Connor, had a bit of a disappointing start to the school year in his science class… He had enrolled for physical science and was looking forward to it, thinking it was physics. Turns out it’s actually basic [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins on Faith Schools

Richard Dawkins aired a special called Faith Schools Menace? on More4 in Britain last week. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but the whole show can be seen after the jump. Feel free to leave your reviews in the comments! [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Orthodox Jewish Parents Block Young Agnostic from Attending University of Edinburgh

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I’m an agnostic teenager (16 yrs old) and High School Junior. My parents are devout Orthodox Jews, and I have been trying to tell them for over a year now that I have no interest in Orthodox Judaism. In response, they have just [Read More...]