Public Schools in Manitoba Are Wasting Time with Prayer

Even in Manitoba, Canada, public schools are expected to be secular. (Though, for some reason, if 75% of parents sign a petition to have religious exercises in school, they can have them.) The department of education has guidelines that schools are supposed to follow. However, lawyer Chris Tait has found violations all over the place: [Read More...]

If the Giles County School Board Wants the Ten Commandments, Are They Prepared to Pay?

Remember when school board members in Giles County, Virginia were hearing proposals to include the Ten Commandments as part of a collection of “historical” documents — all in an effort to ram God into the public school district? Well, the school board recently approved the idea 3-2, and the ACLU of Virginia along with the [Read More...]

No More ‘Belief in God’ In School District’s Value Statement

Lake Local Schools in Stark County, Ohio used to have the following values statement: Mission: Providing education to achieve success. Vision: To be the best organization for learning. We Value: Responsibility, honesty, respect, integrity, commitment, belief in God and religious freedom, our community, our partnerships, and every person as a unique individual with the ability [Read More...]

OH NO, Gay People Exist! IFI Freaks Out

If I asked you what came to your mind when I said the word “homosexuality,” what would you think of? I would think of how my gay friends still can’t get legally married in most states, how I’m hoping to attend the Chicago Pride Parade this weekend to show my support for the LGBT community, [Read More...]

LGBT and Atheist High School Groups Are Here to Stay

The U.S. Department of Education has just released legal guidelines regarding the Equal Access Act. Nothing really changes now, as far as I can tell. But the document and group guide (DOC) reaffirm the right for LGBT and atheist students to start their own clubs in public high schools. The Act applies to: (1) any [Read More...]