Italian Public School Only Accepts Students After Parents Sign “Statement of Faith”

The Goito City Council in Mantua, Italy has approved a resolution that essentially says if parents want their child accepted into the local public school, they must first sign a statement of faith. The story’s in Italian but here’s a rough translation from one of the new law’s opponents: “We believe it is the first [Read More...]

The Teenager Was Right; the Teacher Was Wrong

In Maryland, a 13-year-old girl didn’t want to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance and her teacher threw a hissy fit. “The teacher in that class began to yell at her, began to shout at her,” said Ajmel Quereshi, the ACLU attorney representing the girl. “Other students began to jump in and mock her [Read More...]

Illinois Family Institute’s Response to Day of Silence 2010

The Illinois Family Institute is at it again: The Day of Silence (a student-run initiative during which volunteers don’t speak on behalf of the members of the GLBT community who have been forced to be silent about their sexual identities) is coming up in April and IFI can’t stand any of that “inclusive,” “tolerant,” “accepting” [Read More...]

Melissa Hussain Deserves to Keep Her Teaching Job

Because of my own situation last summer involving a religious nut going after my public school teaching job, a lot of people have sent me the story of Melissa Hussain, the North Carolina 8th grade teacher whose job is in jeopardy because of how she handled her ├╝ber-religious students. She’s currently suspended with pay. And [Read More...]

Mercer County School Board Approves Prayer before Meetings

The Mercer County School Board in Western Illinois knows exactly how to help students achieve their full potential: They’re now starting all board meetings with a useless, potentially illegal prayer. … Last week a local minister asked whether the board should pray before their meetings. “We did look into legal counsel to see what they [Read More...]