Faced with the Threat of a Lawsuit, Indiana High School Removes Godly Sign

If you entered a sporting event at North Vermillion Junior/Senior High School in Cayuga, Indiana anytime in the past 43 years, you would’ve seen this sign as you walked into Gibson Field: Remember your Creator in the days of your youth An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules This is [Read More...]

Georgia Drops Public School Bible Classes Due to Funding Problems

Part of me wonders whether anyone argued in favor of getting rid of science classes instead… but it looks like the tough economy has led to a reduction of Bible courses in Georgia public schools: Superintendents say interest has waned in the once-controversial classes and schools don’t have the money to pay for courses with [Read More...]

Is There Room for More Critical Thinking in Math Education?

At the 2011 Secular Student Alliance conference, I gave a talk about the need for more critical thinking in math education. The video of the talk is finally available so I wanted to share that with you. (Plus, I’m at a math conference this weekend and it seemed like the perfect time to post it.) [Read More...]

Once Again, I Don’t Support the Dismissal of an Anti-Gay Teacher

I feel like I just posted about this… but it’s happened again. A Christian teacher at a public high school wrote about her anti-gay-rights bigotry on Facebook and people are calling for her to be fired. When Jerry Buell did it, I defended him and argued that he had every right to say what he [Read More...]

Answer to That Crazy Math Problem…

Some of you wanted to know how to solve the math problem I posted yesterday. Here’s my worked out solution! Hope it makes sense [Read more...]