Young Atheists Are Coming Out of the Closet

There’s a great article about how young people are coming out as atheists. It’s by Kate Shellnutt and appears in the online magazine Shift. I’m mentioned in the piece and it’s one of the rare times where the details about me are actually accurate. You’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen… Our friend Ron [Read More...]

Illinois Family Institute: Keep Your Kids Away From the Kissing Gays!

Here in Chicago this Saturday at 1:00 p.m., near the Bean, there will be a lot of PDAs taking place. In fact, people will be kissing all over the country at that time as part of the Great Nationwide Kiss-In. It’s in response to the gay couples who have recently been arrested for kissing their [Read More...]

YouTube Video: Christian Tries to Convert Hindu

I can’t decide whether or not this is a Poe. If it is, it is very well done. The first few seconds alone are pure gold. Even if it’s a joke, and even though I was never Hindu, I’m pretty sure this is what my high school experience would have been like had I stayed [Read More...]

Atheism in “Raisin in the Sun”

I remember reading Lorraine Hansberry‘s “Raisin in the Sun” the summer before I entered high school. Which means I read it before I became an atheist. Maybe that’s why the following passage didn’t stick out in my mind (video below) back then. A reader brought it to my attention recently, though, and I’m just in [Read More...]

Christianity : Atheism :: 8th Grade : 9th Grade

Godless Girl left Christianity to become an atheist. She sees her transition as analogous to that between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school: For me, leaving Christianity was a lot like graduating from eighth grade to high school. My Christian walk had passed puberty: I was experienced, educated, well-rounded, and [Read More...]