Going After Teachers Who Have Side Jobs

As someone who teaches high school math during the day and writes about religion at night, and as someone who has been a target of a conservative Christian group, I have a soft spot for other educators who pursue their other interests outside of work. Now, a high school English teacher in Snyder County, Pennsylvania [Read More...]

Why Does Clovis High School Want to Ban After School Clubs?

Let’s say you’re a high school administrator who wants to make sure a Gay Straight Alliance group can’t form. (How *dare* those students act like homosexuality is acceptable?!) At a public school, it’s illegal to ban that one group alone. So what can you legally do? Ban every single club at the school, of course. [Read More...]

When a Catholic Education is Your Only Option…

Last time I wrote about the lack of secular education in Morinville (in Alberta, Canada), parent Donna Hunter was on a mission to get at least one secular school in the area to combat the four Catholic schools. The school board rejected her request in January, but they were conducting a survey (read: stalling) to [Read More...]

Junior High Atheist Talks About His Segment on Nick News

Nickelodeon, a channel for children, recently aired a faith-focused episode of Nick News. Host Linda Ellerbee did a fantastic job of introducing kids to what a variety of people believe — and debunking the falsehoods we often hear (like the notion that we’re in any way a “Christian nation”). It’s almost too balanced — they [Read More...]

Christian Complains About Atheist Students at a High School

I don’t know why Jameel Naqvi or his editor at the Daily Herald feel this is worthy of a news article at all… but since it’s on their site, let’s talk about it. It’s another example of how crazy the Christian mentality can be when faced with any sort of opposing viewpoint. A group of [Read More...]