ACLU Rejects Atheist’s Money

***Update***: The ACLU of Mississippi has apologized to the American Humanist Association. ***Update 2***: There are some choice quotations from this whole debacle: From the ACLU: A staff person at the ACLU of Mississippi made an error in judgment in sending an e-mail to the American Humanist Association expressing concerns about accepting its donation and [Read More...]

Should the College Keep “Our Lord” Phrase in Diploma? Yep.

Trinity University in Texas is a private school that was founded by Presbyterians in 1869 but isn’t really religious anymore. It hasn’t been for over 40 years now. It has an independent board of trustees. The student body is made up of people from a variety of religious faiths and of no religious faith. Because [Read More...]

Public School Choir Sings Overtly Religious Song and Pays the Price For it

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about St. Johns County School District in Florida and how they were including the following song in an elementary school concert: When a couple parents filed a lawsuit, their children were not just told they wouldn’t have to sing the song — they were pulled from the whole [Read More...]

The Problem with Religious Education in Australian Schools

This is a guest posting by Julie Cowe, an American currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She recently emigrated there from Scotland. She’s been blogging for five years and became active in secular issues after learning there are organizations trying get God into American public schools. … Unlike America, Australia has no separation of church and [Read More...]

Women Not Allowed to Speak During Lutheran Church Vote

Before you read the headline and the article, realize a few things: This took place yesterday. In Wisconsin. In a Lutheran church. So much for a “harmless” Christian sect. The headline: Baraboo church doesn’t let women speak or vote as school principal is fired Here’s the story in a nutshell: Women from St. John’s Lutheran [Read More...]