Judge Rules Against Public High School Teacher Who Was Promoting Christianity in the Classroom

In early 2013, we learned that Joelle Silver (below), a science teacher in the Cheektowaga Central School District in New York who also doubled as the faculty sponsor for the school’s Bible Study Club, had no idea where to draw the line between being a public school teacher and being a representative of her church.

Prompted by a student’s complaint to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, here’s a portion of a letter Silver received from her superintendent:

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Campus Christian Group Fights for the Right to Discriminate

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how a Christian group at Bowdoin College is fighting for the right to discriminate:

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Misogynistic Christian Speaker Justin Lookadoo Charged with Public Intoxication

Last year, a Texas high school brought in motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo to speak to the students. Lookadoo — who once spoke at a pray-the-gay-away conference — is a self-proclaimed expert on being “dateable”… which really means being straight, Christian, and just like him.

His advice includes “dateable girls know how to shut up” and dateable guys “keep women covered up.”

The students who sat through his sexist tirade began using the hashtag #Lookadouche and the administration issued a half-assed apology saying they didn’t agree with much of what he said.

Now, Lookadoo is back in the news for a very different reason:

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Bob Jones University Supposedly Wants Rape Victims to Repent and Ask Their Abusers for Forgiveness

Bob Jones University is a truly troublesome place. From their history as a racist institution to their mishandling of sexual assault on campus to their absolutely insane student code of conduct, BJU has had a lot of negative press. Even when I was growing up in a cult, I knew that BJU was too extreme for me to consider attending.

The dirty laundry being aired about BJU’s issues of handling sexual assault and sexual conduct just doesn’t stop coming.

For context, first, check out my friend Dani‘s story about how she got expelled from BJU for having consensual sex with her boyfriend while attending the school. (Below are just a few excerpts from it.)

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Publicly-Funded Charter School Invites Clergy Member to Deliver Sermon at Graduation

Hope Academy, a charter school in California that receives public funding, did something at their recent graduation ceremony that public schools like theirs aren’t allowed to do: They invited a pastor to deliver a sermon.

They didn’t even try to hide it; he wore a clerical collar onstage:

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