Are Home-Schooled Children Really Smarter?

The Creation Museum founder Ken Ham has a nasty habit of not linking to websites he trashes or offering citations when he makes his wacky claims. So when he mentioned that home-schoolers excel in college, and provided a link to the reference, I got very excited. The link goes to the Home School Legal Defense [Read More...]

Can She Be a Christian Counselor?

Jennifer Keeton wants to be a school counselor when she graduates from her grad school program at Augusta State University in Georgia. If a student ever tells her he’s gay, though, she’s going to tell him he’s living a life of sin and needs to be “cured.” At least that’s what I can gather from [Read More...]

Louisiana School Board Wants to Teach Creationism

In Louisiana, the Livingston Parish School Board wants to teach Creationism in the public schools and unanimously voted in favor of continuing discussion on this. This type of thing only happens when a school board is taken over by people who don’t know the law and don’t care about the education students receive. Who needs [Read More...]

An Iowa College’s Response to Blasphemy Day

Trevor Boeckmann was the president of the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers (UNIFI) this past year and he tells the story of what his group did for Blasphemy Day in the latest issue of Free Inquiry. His group chalked the campus that day with the understanding that “religion does not deserve any special [Read More...]

The Secular Coalition for America Announces Capitol Hill Scholars

The Secular Coalition for America has started its Capitol Hill Scholars program — a fantastic step to get young atheists and Humanists involved in national government. … Our goal is to encourage the best young minds within the secular community to work within the Washington, D.C. political system and establish a presence where federal policy [Read More...]