Nova Scotia Teen in Trouble for Wearing ‘Life is Wasted Without Jesus’ Shirt

In Nova Scotia, Canada, Forest Heights Community School senior William Swinimer has been in hot water for a shirt he wore to school. The Vice Principal at the school told him it was offensive and he had to remove it because it was “hate talk.” Then, in true rebel fashion, Swinimer not only left it [Read More...]

After ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ Article Appears in High School Yearbook, One Christian Administrator Wants the Faculty Sponsor Fired or Arrested

Remember Krystal Myers? She’s the teenager who wrote an article for her school newspaper entitled “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist,” about how her school actively promoted religion and discriminated against atheists… only to have her administration tell her the article would not be allowed to run because… well… you know. Her school, Lenior [Read More...]

Student Who Dressed Up as Jesus During School’s ‘Fictional Character Day’ Featured on SourceFed

SourceFed featured a nice summary of Jeff Shott‘s story. Jeff is the high school student who dressed up as Jesus for “Fictional Character Day” and got in trouble for it: (Thanks to Nicholas for the link!) [Read more...]

Appeals Court Says University Must Relax Restrictions on Campus Proselytizing

Tennessee Technological University (TTU) requires all non-students who wish to speak (or preach) on campus to follow detailed regulations which require, among other things, a two-week advanced notice. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held (PDF) that a non-student evangelist — John McGlone — may challenge TTU’s campus speech regulations, and this is [Read More...]

That’s One Way to Come Out of the Closets

Nick Freeman is preparing to tell his mother he’s gay and an atheist. And he’s doing it by allowing himself to be featured in an article for the North Carolina State University student newspaper: Freeman, a freshman in aerospace engineering, is a member of [Secular Student Alliance] still trying to figure out how to convey [Read More...]