Ask Richard: Atheist Nursing Students Treated as Pariahs by Fellow Students

Hello Richard! I’m currently enrolled in nursing school in a college with no particular religious affiliation, but I seem to be having an existential crisis. My lab partner and I gave a (if I do say so myself) well thought out and very neutral presentation on the roles of spirituality in nursing. As a nurse [Read More...]

Evansville, Indiana: Hotbed of Atheism?

Well, since the earlier story about a high school atheist group was a bit of a downer, this one should cheer you up. Susan Caldwell is a North High School senior; she says she had “wanted to attend some sort of atheist youth group for a couple of years.” She is disturbed, she says, by [Read More...]

The Difficulties of Starting a High School Atheist Group

The Secular Student Alliance has nearly 200 affiliates at colleges across the country and beyond. But we don’t have a lot of groups at high schools. When I hear stories like this one, it makes me think our staff should be making starting high school atheist groups a priority. (Update: The SSA does have material [Read More...]

Review of Flatland: The Movie

For all of you who are also math fans, I wrote a review of Flatland: The Movie and it’s now up at the website for Skeptical Inquirer. As in the book, there are subtle questions in this movie that any skeptic would appreciate: Why are the priests (those with hundreds or thousands of sides) trying [Read More...]

A Fundamentalist Christian’s Way to Keep Kids Safe in 2010

Linda Harvey is the founder of Mission:America, an organization “whose objective is to equip Christians with current, accurate information about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences.” And when someone like her says she’s spreading “current, accurate information,” that’s just code for “I’m going to tell you lies and say it’s [Read More...]