The Moment of Silence and Prayer Has Begun

When the now-mandatory “moment of silence and prayer” happened in my classroom yesterday, I heard a lot of different responses from students: Why are we doing this…? [Because most Illinois politicians are idiots.] I thought forced prayer was illegal in public schools. [Yes. Yes it is...] Mehta, can we just ignore this like we do [Read More...]

How To Get Kids to Learn Science

Zach Weiner offers us an effective way to get kids to learn science: (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more...]

Illinois Reinstates Mandatory Waste of Time in the Classroom

Apparently, mandatory Silent Reflection and Student Prayer time is coming back to Illinois. Which puts me in an somewhat-awkward position as a high school teacher in Illinois who prefers using class time to teach my students. First, a quick recap of the story: The Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act was approved by Illinois lawmakers [Read More...]

Christian Right Group Complains because Client Would Have to Care for Women Who Have Abortions

***Update***: Vanderbilt will be changing their application. It now reads: “While Vanderbilt expects all health care providers, including nurses who participate in the Nurse Residency Program’s Women’s Health Track, to provide compassionate care to all patients… no health care provider is required to participate in a procedure terminating a pregnancy if such participation would be [Read More...]

John Freshwater Finally Fired

John Freshwater, the Creationism-spewing science teacher who branded his students with a cross, has finally — finally! — been fired. In his wake, he leaves several students who are very likely undereducated when it comes to basic science and a $900,000 bill. The dismissal should’ve happen a long time ago. But the administrators just looked [Read More...]