Damon Fowler’s Legacy: No Prayer at His Former High School’s Graduation This Time Around

A year after atheist Damon Fowler fought a losing battle to get prayer out of his Louisiana high school graduation, there’s some great news to report: No moment of silence this year. No public prayer. And no controversy. Those are Damon’s efforts coming to fruition. Bastrop High School won’t thank him for what he did [Read More...]

West Point Offers Class on Apologetics… and Rebuttals

The US Military Academy at West Point has been having a rough year. First there was the Islamophobic Lt. General William Boykin getting hotly protested (and eventually replaced) after he was invited to speak at the National Prayer breakfast. Then, this month, the Academy was sued for covering up sexual assault. Bearing all this in [Read More...]

Lesbian Couple Barred from Attending Catholic School Prom… So They Throw Their Own Version

It’s hard to understand why a school would bar a same-sex couple from attending prom… maybe because dancing leads to slow dancing and slow dancing leads to not procreating and that goes against all things good and holy. But that’s what Lexington Catholic High School in Kentucky did to senior Hope Decker and her date, [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Daughter Conflicting with Religious School Science Teacher

Dear Richard, I am a divorced mother whose religious ex-husband has custody of my daughter. He chose to send her to a religious high school, which she has attended for 3 years. Recently, she started asking a lot of questions about her religion, which has caused people to suspect she doesn’t believe in God. Her [Read More...]

Secretive LGBTQ Group Forms at (Christian) Biola University

***Update***: The group’s founders have responded to a couple of my questions below. … Biola University, an evangelical Christian school in southern California, is one of those schools that will expel you if they find out you’re gay. (Because, you know, they love everyone.) In fact, they just put out a Statement on Human Sexuality [Read More...]