Aggie Conservatives on Islam…

Reader Mark received this pamphlet on the campus of Texas A&M — it was from the Aggie Conservatives and it references Islam’s treatment of women Slightly better (but modified) versions of those images can be found here and here. I think they’re actually right in one respect — Islam is too often anti-woman. I can’t [Read More...]

Freethinkers Respond to Ignorance About Humanist Chaplains

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an op-ed piece in which people at Tufts University declared their desire for their own Humanist Chaplain. The Primary Source, a conservative magazine on campus, has pushed back and mischaracterized the position. Thankfully, Stephen Goemen and David Johnson of the Tufts Freethought Society are there to respond: … Do [Read More...]

Are Muslim Women Receiving Special Treatment at GMU?

***Update***: There were a few errors in this piece regarding the names of schools and their public/private status when I originally posted it. I think they’ve been corrected now. … A couple years ago, George Mason University was in the news because it seemed to be giving preferential treatment to Muslim students. It seemed odd [Read More...]

Moment of Silence and Prayer Back in Play in Illinois

The last time I wrote about this subject was a year-and-a-half ago and I thought I was done… Here’s what I wrote about the Mandatory Moment of Silence back then: Last year, Illinois passed a Mandatory Moment of Silence and Prayer Act. After being sued, it was changed [to] a Voluntary Moment of Silence bill. [Read More...]

What’s It Like Running a High School Atheist Group?

Devin Leaman runs a high school Secular Student Alliance affiliate group in California. Perhaps you think it’d be easy for him to do that in a state like CA but, as this email shows, it’s much harder than it seems. Devin starts by referencing the idea that it’s tough to find a teacher willing to [Read More...]