Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen Wants Public Schools to Teach Creationism

For Christmas, I give you another church/state battle: Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen wants to introduce a bill next year that will hamper the teaching of evolution: Senator Brecheen says children should be given all the facts when it comes to evolution. … The senator says he supports having creationism — the belief that God [Read More...]

Searching for Secular Education in Edmonton

There’s a brave Canadian mother in Edmonton right now trying to find a public school for her daughter. Donna Hunter can’t find a secular public school, though, because all the local schools are run by Catholics. The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division, which also has schools in St. Albert and Legal, operates all four [Read More...]

How a High School Activist Fought School Prayer and Became an Atheist Along the Way

Earlier this year, students at Indiana’s Greenwood High School voted — VOTED — to have a graduation prayer. A judge told them they couldn’t vote on such things at a public school. School officials responded by saying they wouldn’t screen student speeches beforehand (*wink wink nudge nudge*). But one of the required speeches was from [Read More...]

Should Memorizing Bible Verses Be Considered Brainwashing?

I am a spelling freak. Outside of typos (which I admittedly make on this site), I get seriously upset if I spell something wrong. If I’m unsure of a spelling, I have to look it up or use a synonym rather than venture a guess. I once misspelled “corrugate” in 7th grade, which knocked me [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance Hires High School Campus Organizer

I’m so excited about this announcement… JT Eberhard, Captain of the Missouri State University Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and one of the leaders responsible for putting together the incredibly popular Skepticon conference last month, now has a new job: … I was offered the position of Campus Organizer and High School Specialist with [Read More...]