Jesus Glasses

It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist or Christian or Muslim. If you’re teaching high school students, don’t tell the kids your personal thoughts on religion. It just makes everyone uncomfortable. Chad Farnan, a sophomore at Capistrano Valley High School, claims his Advanced Placement European history teacher, James Corbett, made hostile remarks toward Christianity. The [Read More...]

Matthew LaClair’s Op-Ed in the LA Times

Matthew LaClair is the high school student who made headlines when he recorded his (public) high school history teacher preaching fundamental Christianity in class. He was last seen leading the charge to get a mistake-riddled, conservatively-biased Government textbook corrected or purged from the school systems. He has an Op-Ed piece in today’s LA Times about [Read More...]

Why Are the Muslims Sitting at a Separate Table?

For the second time in two days, there’s a story of interest to atheists happening in my ultra-local neck of the woods. At a middle school, a 7th grader saw something he found suspicious: Seventh-grader Ryan Vandewiel didn’t quite understand something during his lunch hour at Prairie View School in Tinley Park. Muslim students at [Read More...]

ACLU Supports Opponent of “Day of Silence”

This story deserves a mention for a few reasons: It shows the ACLU working with the Alliance Defense Fund (a Christian group). You don’t see them on the same side of many issues. It’s an example of the ACLU supporting something you may not like — speech promoting bigotry, but free speech nonetheless. … and [Read More...]

About That Civics Textbook…

I posted yesterday about a widely-used high school Civics textbook that was filled with lies and/or egregious mistakes. An AP story about the textbook is now circulating all over the place. Publishers are already talking about changes: The publisher now says it will review the book, as will the College Board, which oversees college-level Advanced [Read More...]