Starting a College Atheist Club in 20 Steps

Reading so many stories about religious or conservative colleges resisting the approval of an atheist club, I noticed what seems to be a pattern of 20 steps: Club applies to college Administration for approval. Silence for several weeks. Club inquires about application. Admin. says the deadline has passed for this semester. Club resubmits application early. [Read More...]

The Craziest Problem I’ve Had My Students Solve This Year…

***Update***: The solution is posted here. … I don’t post nearly enough about teaching high school math (my day job) on this page. And since I’m giving more public talks about education these days, might as well write about it here, too Last month, after some of my honors’ students learned about composite functions, I [Read More...]

How Did the Jessica Ahlquist Hearing Go?

Jason Bachand was at today’s trial and he breaks down his experience for us. (If you want more background on the story, check out this post.) I love this bit: At one point, Judge Lagueux interrupted [defense counsel Joseph Cavanagh, Jr.'s] remarks to ask: “What if [the banner] had been written to the Great Buddha?” [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist on the Front Page of the Providence Journal

You all saw the front page of the Providence Journal today, right? Because it’s pretty freakin’ amazing (PDF): Paul Davis‘ cover story highlights Jessica Ahlquist‘s legal battle against Cranston High School West and how its leaders have stubbornly refused to obey the law and take down the unconstitutional Christian banner hanging in the auditorium: In [Read More...]

Principal Threatens His Own Student for Showing Support for Gay-Straight Alliance

This is a scary story in so many ways… After students at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee wanted to start a Gay Straight Alliance, not a single teacher stepped up to sponsor it, effectively killing the group. Last week, Chris Sigler, a 17-year-old senior at the school, wore a shirt supporting the GSA. It [Read More...]