Ask Richard: Should I Keep My Son In Catholic School?

Dear Richard, I am an atheist and have been open about my atheism for about 2 years now. Although I have been met with some resistance from family, who are Orthodox Christians, overall my atheism hasn’t caused too much turmoil in my or their lives. My wife is a Christian, but she’s fairly open-minded to [Read More...]

The Second Chance Prom Was a Success!

After Constance McMillen was forbidden from attending her own high school prom because she was a lesbian — and after “adults” in the community sent her to a fake prom — the American Humanist Association and philanthropist Todd Stiefel stepped in to make a difference. They donated money to give her (and her classmates) a [Read More...]

Australian Students Flock to Ethics Courses

There’s been a controversy in the Australian education system lately. A bit of reposting: Australian law mandates that students receive one hour of religious training per week. The Christians who run these services get tens of millions of dollars per year to make this happen. If you don’t attend these classes, you can just sit [Read More...]

Responding to an FSM Doodle

One of the difficult things about being a teacher is that most students never get to see the “real” you — they only get a classroom version of you. Better teachers can find a way to blend those worlds. Reader Allison found out her teacher has a good sense of humor, though She doodled a [Read More...]

Knoxville Biology Textbook Gets Approved

Remember Kurt Zimmerman? He was the Knoxville, TN father who wanted an Honors Biology textbook banned because it included the following passage: (You can find the context of that quotation here.) Anyway, the Knox County school board listened to a review committee’s recommendation and voted 6-3 in favor of keeping the book. … although board [Read More...]