Georgia Public School District: Students Must Have ‘Respect for the Creator’

The Columbia County School System in Georgia says right on its website that it “does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, handicap, religion, or national origin in any of its educational programs, services or activities, admission to facilities or employment practices.” But then someone needs to explain why the elementary, middle, and [Read More...]

Ask Richard: New Teacher Considers Starting Atheist Group in Small Town

Richard, I am a father of two pre-school age children. I have just gotten a teaching job in a very small town (under 4,000 people) in a very isolated area (2 hour drive to find a bigger town). The town is exceedingly Christian. The local Yellow Pages lists dozens of Christian churches in the surrounding [Read More...]

My Speech Accepting the Freethought Backbone Award

Thanks, Jesse, for the kind post yesterday. (Which went up without my knowledge, you sneaky devil…) Anyway, like he said, at the Secular Student Alliance conference last night, I was presented with the Freethought Backbone Award. I’ve watched this award given to several people before and I’m pretty humbled to have been the recipient this [Read More...]

Skeptical Resources for the Classroom

My friend Matt Lowry is a Physics teacher in Illinois and he recently gave a talk about “Skepticism in the Classroom” at The Amazing Meeting 9 with Barbara Drescher and JREF’s Michael Blanford. Some of the resources from that workshop are now available and they’re really fantastic if you’re an educator. A few of my [Read More...]

A Panel of High School Activists

Of all the atheists in the news over the past year, these may be the most important voices we hear: the high school activists. At the Center For Inquiry’s Student Leadership Conference a month ago, they had a panel featuring Jessica Ahlquist, Harrison Hopkins, Damon Fowler, and Zack Kopplin, all of whom have seen the [Read More...]