A High School English Paper on Atheism

From a high school reader from a small town in North Dakota: In my English class, we’re supposed to write a persuasive paper. I’ve decided to “persuade” my religious teacher, religious classmates, and religious school that God is a theory… I know my paper is going to cause quite a commotion,so I want it to [Read More...]

Mandatory Moment of Silence Approved in Texas

After a long battle by David Croft and his wife Shannon Croft, Texas mandated a moment of silence in all public school classrooms today. A three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld a district court ruling, saying the law is constitutional because it expressly allows for any silent [Read More...]

Things I Found Out at the Anti-Gay Workshop

Last night, I attended a workshop about “homosexual activism in the public schools.” The meeting took place at a church and it was sponsored by the Illinois Family Institute, a conservative group. About 80 people were packed into a tiny room. My observations: I overheard one man sitting near me talking to a friend of [Read More...]

Christian Conservatives Furious Over Homosexual Dance

Conservative Christians are freaking out because an Illinois high school held a dance for GLBT students and their straight allies. Who is to blame for this approval of all-but-certain debauchery? English teachers. And now we have the first dance for students who self-identify as homosexual, which was approved by English teacher, Bill Fritz. It shouldn’t [Read More...]

High School Student Faces Challenges in Starting an Atheist Group

This hits kinda close to home. A student at Johnsburg High School in northwestern McHenry County, IL wants to start an atheist group at her school, but she’s facing a few challenges. Here’s what reporter Diana Sroka writes: Savannah Lanz doesn’t believe in God, follow religion, or look to any higher powers, and she’s hoping [Read More...]