Sensible Voices Emerge in the Wake of the Cranston High School West Saga

This is a video you need to watch. Tuesday night, there was a board meeting for the Cranston School Committee. But instead of focusing on things like the budget, the meeting centered around the banner that Judge Ronald R. Lagueux ordered removed last week. You could point to a lot of ignorant people who spoke [Read More...]

Pepperdine University Should Accept Proposal to Start Gay-Straight Alliance Group

Pepperdine University is a private school in Malibu, California that has an affiliation with the Churches of Christ. Despite the Christian influence, there are a lot of gay students who go there and some of them are trying to start a student group. Surprise, surprise, the school has denied a recent proposal for such a [Read More...]

Role Model and Fail: A Tale of Two Epics

If you read this blog (or any atheist media) and you haven’t heard about Jessica Ahlquist‘s lawsuit win yet, then you probably live under a rock. Jessica, an insanely courageous 16 year-old high school student, did what some of us only dream of having the strength to do – standing up for what is right [Read More...]

Florida Legislators Want to Pass Bill to Promote School Prayer

Florida legislators — led by Florida Senator Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) and Rep. Charles Van Zant (R-Keystone Heights) — want to make praying at public school events completely legal. That’s what House Bill 317 and Senate Bill 98 are all about: Any district school board may adopt a resolution allowing the use of an inspirational message, [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist Answers Your Questions (and Other Updates)

Jessica Ahlquist, who now has the best YouTube screenname ever, answered a number of questions in a video for Reddit: In case you’re wondering, there has been some follow-up about the threats being made against her: The school district’s operating officer, Ray Votto Jr., told The Providence Journal… that a student faced internal discipline, typically [Read More...]