Jessica Ahlquist’s Upcoming Trial

Jason Bachand at A Bright Blog has a nice interview with Jessica Ahlquist in anticipation of her upcoming trial to remove the religious banner from Cranston High School West. ABB: Let’s talk about the growing phenomenon of atheist bullying. As more young people come “out” about their atheism, there’s been a concurrent rise in hateful, [Read More...]

How Do You Handle a Possibly Proselytizing Teacher?

What would you do if your child came home with this assignment from his high school’s World History class? (I’m going to ignore the precarious position of the male child…) And what if this followed another assignment in which the Ten Commandments were discussed in regards to how they changed the lives of the escaped [Read More...]

FFRF Responds to the Public School’s ‘Christian’ Book Fair

A couple weeks ago, I posted a picture from reader Jessica that showed Christian books being sold at her daughter’s Wichita, Kansas public school book fair: This was especially surprising, given that Scholastic — the company sponsoring the book fair — doesn’t even carry religious titles… so how did they get there? The Freedom From [Read More...]

Atheists Aren’t Stopping ‘See You at the Pole’

It’s not that hard to understand where public schools have to draw the line with respect to religion. Teachers and administrators are not allowed to proselytize during school hours or anytime they’re wearing their “Teacher” or “Coach” hats. They can, however, sponsor a Christian club after school (assuming the school allows clubs for other faiths [Read More...]

I’m Going to South Carolina… to Talk About Math!

I’ll be speaking at the University of South Carolina (in Columbia) on Sunday night, October 9th! (When you’re a teacher in the middle of the school year, this is how you make the most of your long weekends.) And the topic is… not atheism! Nope. We’re gonna talk about math. (Don’t run away! I promise [Read More...]