Christian Complains About Atheist Students at a High School

I don’t know why Jameel Naqvi or his editor at the Daily Herald feel this is worthy of a news article at all… but since it’s on their site, let’s talk about it. It’s another example of how crazy the Christian mentality can be when faced with any sort of opposing viewpoint. A group of [Read More...]

Catholic Group Refuses to Take Part in Panel Discussion on LGBT Issues

I recently got an email from a student at the University of Illinois who’s helping put together a panel discussion called “Religion and the LGBT Community.” The plan is to have representatives from different faiths answer questions about homosexuality in front of LGBT students (and allies). His committee invited all the faith communities on campus [Read More...]

Virginia Tech Student Stabs Himself to Prove God Exists

Despite all the amazing things to happen on Ask An Atheist Day today, this was one of the low points… and a scary one at that: Virginia Tech Police were called to the Drillfield Wednesday afternoon following a report of a student stabbing his own hand with a pen. … The incident took place near [Read More...]

A YouTube Interview with Jessica Ahlquist

Jessica Ahlquist is the high school sophomore at the center of the lawsuit against the city of Cranston over a religious banner hanging in the local high school. She recently sat down for a lengthy interview with her uncle, who happens to make a YouTube series called Philosophy On the Ground: There aren’t too many [Read More...]

Does College Make You Less Religious?

I’ve heard right-wingers say that college is a bastion of secularism — come in as a Christian, leave as an atheist. Here’s Dennis Prager explaining the “problem”: … increasingly large numbers of men and women attend university, and Western universities have become essentially secular (and leftist) seminaries. Just as the agenda of traditional Christian and [Read More...]