The Student Who Said ‘Being a Homosexual is Wrong’ Didn’t Deserve To Be Suspended

There are a lot of stories out there about how a 14-year-old boy, Dakota Ary, got suspended from Western Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas because he made a comment in German class that his teacher didn’t like: “We were talking about religions in Germany. I said, ‘I’m a Christian. I think being a [Read More...]

Alabama High School Stops Football Pre-Game Prayers After FFRF Sends Letter

For the past decade, public prayers have been a regular part of the weekly football pre-game ritual at Arab High School in Alabama. That led the Freedom From Religion Foundation to send a notice (PDF) to the district’s superintendent: Arab City Schools must take immediate action to ensure that prayers are not scheduled at any [Read More...]

When Filing a Church-State Lawsuit, Should You Remain Anonymous?

In Giles County, Virginia, a Ten Commandments display just went up at Narrows High School. A student at the school, working with the ACLU of Virginia and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has filed a lawsuit. But the students wishes to remain anonymous, opting to use the name “Doe 1″ instead. “I fear that if [Read More...]

Southern Illinois University Rejects Atheist Student Group… Then Quickly Backtracks

The Secular Student Alliance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is now an official student organization… but that almost didn’t happen. The Undergraduate Student Government voted against their existence earlier this week: At the USG meeting Tuesday, five senators voted no to the approval, three voted yes and two abstained from taking a stance. Spencer Tribble, [Read More...]

How Did These Christian Books End Up in a Public Elementary School’s Book Fair?

Reader Jessica went to her daughter’s public elementary school in Wichita, Kansas yesterday for a book fair. What she found was something of a shock to her: She writes: They had a whole section of Christian books geared towards children. There were no other books of any other religion at the book fair. It was [Read More...]