Public School Choir Sings Overtly Religious Song and Pays the Price For it

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about St. Johns County School District in Florida and how they were including the following song in an elementary school concert: When a couple parents filed a lawsuit, their children were not just told they wouldn’t have to sing the song — they were pulled from the whole [Read More...]

The Problem with Religious Education in Australian Schools

This is a guest posting by Julie Cowe, an American currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She recently emigrated there from Scotland. She’s been blogging for five years and became active in secular issues after learning there are organizations trying get God into American public schools. … Unlike America, Australia has no separation of church and [Read More...]

Women Not Allowed to Speak During Lutheran Church Vote

Before you read the headline and the article, realize a few things: This took place yesterday. In Wisconsin. In a Lutheran church. So much for a “harmless” Christian sect. The headline: Baraboo church doesn’t let women speak or vote as school principal is fired Here’s the story in a nutshell: Women from St. John’s Lutheran [Read More...]

A Dad’s Conversation with His Son’s “School Chaplain”

There are times when working with people who are religious is the best way to go. And there are times when sarcasm is so much more entertaining… In Australia, public school chaplains don’t exist but “Christian volunteers” are permissible. It’s a loophole. Still, Darryl Robinson identified himself as a “school chaplain” and sent home this [Read More...]

Peaceful High School Protest Against Westboro Baptist Church

Fred Phelps‘ Westboro Baptist Church was set to descend upon Dutchtown High School in Louisiana Thursday night because they were staging a production of “The Laramie Project.” Instead, 500 counter-protesters made a stand and Westboro was nowhere to be found My friend Doug Stewart was there and took some great pics (click to expand). He [Read More...]