What If I Took My Students on a Field Trip to Get Debaptized?

I help coach my school’s Speech Team. I think I’m going to plan a pre-season party to get everyone pumped up about the tournaments ahead — We’re going to listen to a motivations speaker and get dinner together. I won’t ask the administrators for money, but I am borrowing a school bus. Another coach will [Read More...]

Sedalia Democrat Editorial About the Evolution Band Shirts

I mentioned yesterday a high school band in Sedalia, Missouri that had $700 worth of t-shirts revoked because they featured the “evolution of a trumpet player” and religious parents complained about the “evolution” aspect of it. An editorial in The Sedalia Democrat gets it partly right… We find nothing wrong with the T-shirts and believe [Read More...]

Evolution of a Trumpet Player Shirt Banned in Missouri

A high school band in Sedalia, Missouri came up with these cute shirts showing the “evolution” of a trumpet player: Those shirts will no longer be worn, though, because religious parents complained: [Assistant Superintendent Brad] Pollitt said the district is required by law to remain neutral where religion is concerned. “If the shirts had said [Read More...]

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute Issues an Open Letter to Me

First, a comment to everyone who’s been following this drama… thank you for your support. Your emails and comments have been incredible. Your offers to pitch in for legal defense if needed are so very appreciated. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that so many people have your back in a situation like this. … [Read More...]

Florida Principal Faces Prison Time for Luncheon Prayer

Last year, a school administrator at a public high school in Florida said a prayer at a school luncheon at the request of another administrator. That’s illegal to say the least, since children were present, and school officials should not be using their positions of authority to promote a particular faith. Apparently, that wasn’t the [Read More...]