The New Richard Dawkins Book: The Magic of Reality

The cover of Richard Dawkins’ new book has just been released! It’s called The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True. I love the title — it’s much better than the original “working” title, What is a Rainbow, Really? But judging from the table of contents, it looks like it’s aimed at a [Read More...]

The Department of Secular Studies

This story’s creating quite the buzz in atheist circles: Starting this fall, Pitzer College, a small liberal arts institution in Southern California, will inaugurate a department of secular studies. Professors from other departments, including history, philosophy, religion, science and sociology, will teach courses like “God, Darwin and Design in America,” “Anxiety in the Age of [Read More...]

Parent Removes Children from School because Atheists Set Up Table During Lunch

Last month, students at Larkin High School in Elgin, IL took part in Ask An Atheist Day by setting up a couple tables in their cafeteria with permission from the principal. When I posted about the event a few weeks ago, one local paper quoted a crazy parent: “They were here to talk about atheism,” [Read More...]

The Christianity Epidemic in the Van Buren School District

If I were a parent in the Van Buren School District in Arkansas, I’d be worried about the education my kids were getting. Certain faculty members and administrators alike don’t know how to keep their religion to themselves when they’re on duty. Check out what Van Buren High School Principal Becky Guthrie sent out to [Read More...]

Ask Richard: My Younger Brother is Planning to Attend Bible College.

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. One of my little brothers is graduating high school this year and has been trying to figure out which school to attend. I’ve been trying to persuade him to leave this small town and go experience college life somewhere else. I just heard from my [Read More...]