Texans for Truth Rally Gets Positive Press

Yesterday was the Texans for Truth rally, urging elected officials to fight back against the revisionist history being proposed by the conservatives on the state’s Board of Education. They had a lot of supporters there and some very positive coverage in the local media: As the video points out, the revisionist history that’s being proposed [Read More...]

Want a Teaching Job? Then Become a Catholic

The job market is tough right now. I can tell you from experience that finding a teaching job in certain markets is *really* hard right now since many districts are laying people off left and right. Some teachers in Canada are resorting to extreme tactics to secure a position: They’re pretending to be Catholic: “I [Read More...]

Hey, Liberty University Students…

I know you’re excited about being done with school and Glenn Beck speaking at your graduation and all… But you should really double-check the spelling on the top of that graduation cap… Especially before you put the picture up on the school’s website. Hilarious. (via Kevin) [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Should I Keep My Son In Catholic School?

Dear Richard, I am an atheist and have been open about my atheism for about 2 years now. Although I have been met with some resistance from family, who are Orthodox Christians, overall my atheism hasn’t caused too much turmoil in my or their lives. My wife is a Christian, but she’s fairly open-minded to [Read More...]

The Second Chance Prom Was a Success!

After Constance McMillen was forbidden from attending her own high school prom because she was a lesbian — and after “adults” in the community sent her to a fake prom — the American Humanist Association and philanthropist Todd Stiefel stepped in to make a difference. They donated money to give her (and her classmates) a [Read More...]