Excellent Interview Discussing Illinois’ Mandatory Moment of Silence

It doesn’t take a whole lot to represent yourself well when you’re an atheist being interviewed on television. Just follow a few basic rules: Don’t be unnecessarily contentious. Know your stuff. Smile. Need an example? I just saw a high school student model it beautifully. Dawn Sherman was on a local television talk show talking [Read More...]

Illinois Mandatory Moment of Silence Law Was “Sham,” Says Judge

Remember last year when Illinois had to deal with an absurd mandatory Moment of Silence law? High school student (and atheist) Dawn Sherman filed a lawsuit to put a stop to it (via her father Rob Sherman). Today, a final ruling (PDF) was issued on the matter from Judge Robert Gettleman. After discussing various aspects [Read More...]

Worst Field Trip Idea Ever

Think back to the field trips you took when you were in high school — maybe you saw a production of a Shakespeare play or you went to a museum. Now what if your school’s idea of a field trip was to attend a “Just for Jesus” rally? This is a rally that has in [Read More...]

Save This Canadian Student from His Science Teacher

Well, this is disturbing… The email comes from a student in Canada. I need some advice! I have a brother, Kyle, who is in grade 8 high school here in North Vancouver, BC. Kyle told me today that his science teacher has just started teaching his students about intelligent design in the science class. This [Read More...]

Nativity Scene in a Public School?

***Update***: The author has removed her posting and its follow-up. No word on the Nativity scene, though. … I understand public high school classrooms putting up holiday decorations this time of year — lights, ornaments, even small trees. But a Nativity scene? That’s what Crystal, a Christian teacher from Georgia, seems to have done… This [Read More...]