Newspaper: Praying Football Coach’s Lawsuit Against District Is “Waste of Time and Resources”

We posted last week about how Joe Kennedy, the former assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington who kept praying on the field despite several warnings that he was violating the law, had filed a lawsuit against the District after they chose not to renew his contract.

It’s not surprising that church/state separation advocates don’t believe he has a case, but check out this blistering editorial from a local newspaper, the Kitsap Sun.

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Thanks to New Law, California Schools Are Sending Students Back Home if They’re Not Vaccinated

The school year began in parts of California last week with officials sending a lot of children back home until they were properly vaccinated. And for that, we should all be grateful.


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Christian School President’s Email Devotional Discusses Whether He Can Still Say the Word “Pervert”

You would think any email from a college president to school alumni would include the recent accomplishments of faculty members and students. Or maybe a mention of upcoming events. Even in a devotional email from a Christian college president, you’d expect something positive and uplifting.

But Dr. D. Clay Perkins, President of Mid-Atlantic Christian University, took a very different approach in a message he sent out yesterday. (A graduate of the school forwarded it to me.)


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Netflix Series Last Chance U Shows Football Players Subject to Illegal Christian Proselytizing

The Netflix series Last Chance U is all about the players on the East Mississippi Community College football team, some of whom were kicked out of their elite Division I programs or didn’t have the grades to compete at that level. The show has received really positive reviews since it became available a couple of weeks ago.

In addition to the uplifting stories, however, there’s another side of the story that got very little coverage: This is a football team where coaches pray with students and push the Bible, acts that might seem inspirational but still violate the law:


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LGBT Groups Urge Big 12 Conference to Reject BYU’s Application for Membership

The Big 12 conference, which currently has 10 member schools, is expanding and there are several candidates who’d like to join. Some are saying that Brigham Young University is near the top of the list. But several groups are now urging commissioners to deny BYU’s application because of the way it treats LGBT students.


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