Ken Ham: FFRF Is “Bullying” Schools By Warning Them Against Taking Field Trips to Ark Encounter

After the Freedom From Religion Foundation warned Kentucky school administrators last week that field trips to Ark Encounter would be illegal since it was a devoid-of-fact Christian ministry, Creationist Ken Ham had something of a Twitter meltdown this morning.


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The Big Question Lab: Why an Atheist Sunday School Makes a Lot of Sense

Over the past year, Nick Bohl (who works at the Humanist Hub) has been running something akin to a “Secular Sunday School” in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In a series of videos that will be posted over the next several weeks, he explains why this program exists, what goes on in the classes, and how it can spread beyond his community.


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GOP Platform Subcommittee Passes Resolution Calling for Bible to Be Taught as American History

As the Republican National Committee meets this week to hash out the party’s platform, one resolution that made it through a subcommittee calls for the Bible to be taught as part of American history:


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A Colorado Student Challenged Her High School’s Faith-Based Programs and Paid a Price For It

Here’s a disturbing story about a recent graduate of Delta High School in Colorado. Cidney Fisk was one of those intelligent, rebellious students who knew that the promotion of religion and irrationality in her school was illegal. She dared to do something about it — and for speaking up, she was kicked right in the GPA.


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Puerto Rican Atheists File Lawsuit Over Government-Approved Christian Events at Various Schools

Ateístas de Puerto Rico has just filed a federal lawsuit against the island’s Department of Education and several government individuals, claiming that several schools held Christian religious ceremonies this past March in which converting students was part of the goal.


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