Florida School District Accused of Telling Kids They’re God’s “Possession”

How many church/state violations does a school district need to commit before they’ve crossed the line?

Correct answer: One.

But the Levy County School District in Florida committed at least seven.

According to a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation to Superintendent Robert O. Hastings, here’s what the District allegedly did:

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College Athlete Says She Lost Her Scholarship After Objecting to Her Coach’s Christian Proselytizing

Normally, when we hear stories about a college coach who forces athletes to participate in religious ceremonies, they involve atheist students.

What’s going on at Delaware State University, however, involves two religious parties.

According to a federal lawsuit filed this week, Natalia Mendieta received a full scholarship to play volleyball for DSU in 2012. Even though she had other similar offers, she was excited to start playing in Delaware. As long as she contributed to the team and remained academically eligible, it was assumed she would continue receiving her scholarship.

At the end of her first year, the team got a new head coach, LaKisya Killingsworth, who immediately made sure the players knew who’s boss:

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Conservatives Freak Out After Pennsylvania School District Offers Inservice Workshop at Local Mosque

Earlier this week, about 50 staffers from the Lebanon School District in Pennsylvania chose to attend a workshop to learn more about Islam and Arabic culture. There’s a reason for that: the District has seen a rise in students from the Middle East and any experienced teacher can tell you it’s easier to reach certain students when you’re able to bridge a cultural divide.

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Idaho Republican Party Considers Proposal Supporting “Bible Use” in Public Schools

Over the weekend, the Idaho Republican Party’s State Central Committee met to discuss possible rule changes, how to conduct primary voting, and proposals for potential pieces of legislation.

That last item isn’t just theoretical, either. The GOP controls the House and Senate by large margins and the Governor is also a Republican. So bad ideas can become law without much opposition.

That’s why there’s reason to worry about one of the ideas coming out of the weekend meeting: A proposal to bring the Bible into Idaho public schools:

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As You’d Expect, God Was Promoted on Century-Old Chalkboards Found in Oklahoma School

Over the weekend, workers at Emerson High School in Oklahoma discovered slate blackboards that still had writing on it from nearly a century ago.

It seems that Oklahoma circa 1917 isn’t very different from Oklahoma today, still promoting God:

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