Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos Set to Announce Taxpayer Funding for Religious Schools

When she’s not getting booed by college students, Betsy DeVos’ day job is to make public education worse all over the country, and she’s incredibly close to achieving that goal. An early look at Donald Trump’s education budget shows hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for religious schools.


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Students Want Apology from Missouri Administrator Who Preached Christianity at Graduation

Missouri Superintendent Kent Medlin didn’t “inspire” students with his devotion.

He turned a ceremony for the graduates into a celebration of his personal faith.


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At the March for Science in Cincinnati, a 12-Year-Old Girl Gave This Powerful Speech

Kelly Helton proclaimed, “We want to get our science information from scientists! We do not want your agenda. We do not want your politics. We do not want your beliefs.”


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Trump to Liberty University: “In America, We Don’t Worship Government; We Worship God”

His speech made clear he has every intention of continuing to pander to the Religious Right.


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Religious Right Activist: Homeschooling Kids Will Make Them Millionaires. Because God.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Daubenmire provided no evidence that homeschooled children are more likely to be rich. Or, for that matter, that public school is the domain of the devil.


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