An Atheist Mother in Texas Wants Religious Displays Removed from Her Daughter’s Classroom

A Texas mother has asked for the American Humanist Association’s help after her daughter’s teacher refuses to remove religious signs and icons from her classroom.


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Australian Group Wants to End Unregulated, Unnecessary Religious Education Classes in NSW Schools

In 2015, the group Fairness In Religions In School (FIRIS) got the government of Victoria (Australia) to stop “special religious instruction” during class time that was really nothing more than Christian indoctrination.

Now they’re trying to end religious education altogether in New South Wales.


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An Orlando News Show Held a Great Mini-Debate on Two Bills About Religious Expression in Schools

Florida legislators recently filed bills to protect “religious expression in public schools.” If you’re thinking, “That’s already protected,” you’d be right. That’s why this debate on Good Day Orlando was so compelling.


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A Conservative Group’s “Education Reform Report,” Made for Donald Trump, Would Put God in Schools

If adopted, the ideas in this report would be a disaster for American students.


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Dave Daubenmire: Christians Who Send Their Kids To Public School Are Allowing “Spiritual Rape”

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire said on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast Thursday that Christian parents who allowed their kids to attend public school were sanctioning “spiritual rape.”


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