Cape Town Student Says Science Must “Restart” Since It Doesn’t Incorporate African Black Magic

In this absurd video, supposedly taken this week from a science faculty meeting at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), one student pleads with the professors to ditch science entirely because it’s a product of Western culture and doesn’t incorporate the supernatural ideas that many Africans believe.


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Islamic School That Said Men Can Beat Their Wives is Shutting Down After Ex-Muslim’s Expose

Ex-Muslim Aliyah Saleem, whose excellent videos have been featured on this site before, has effectively shut down the Islamic boarding school she once attended in England after exposing their disturbing curriculum.

This was a school that “taught that death sentence could be given to gay men; that Jews and Christians make Allah angry; and that men should be allowed to beat their wives.”


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Liberty University Students Defy Jerry Falwell, Jr.: “We Want Nothing To Do” With Donald Trump

Tonight, a group of Liberty University students calling themselves “Liberty United Against Trump” issued a statement saying they did not share the political views of their school President Jerry Falwell, Jr. and that they were embarrassed by Falwell for using the school’s credibility to boost Trump’s campaign:


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Campus Preacher Arrested After Elbowing University of Georgia Student in the Face

At the University of Georgia, where Brother Ross Jackson was talking about sinners and sodomy, student Keaton Law decided to respond by getting in his face and shouting back. That confrontation got nasty, however, when Law received an elbow to the face.


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Christian Preacher Joyce Meyer May Be Breaking Missouri Law By Promoting Her “Earned” Ph.D.

Life Christian University has given out Ph.D.s to several Christians preachers who have not actually done the work typically associated with such a prestigious degree. We knew David Barton was one of the recipients. Now we’ve learned that Joyce Meyer, another degree holder, may be breaking Missouri law by suggesting she earned it.

It's just that credible.

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