Teacher Who Promoted Christianity in Class, Then Cried Persecution When Told to Stop, Loses Appeal

Joelle Silver, a science teacher in the Cheektowaga Central School District in New York, was accused several years ago of promoting Christianity in her classroom. The list of violations ran a mile long, yet Silver sued the District for violating her supposed religious freedom to proselytize. But after losing her initial court battle, she just lost her appeal as well, effectively bringing an end to this case.


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Creationist Ken Ham: Science is Silly Because It Changes Over Time

This morning, Creationist Ken Ham celebrated the fact that the Bible will never become more accurate over time:


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Christian Monument Goes Up Near TX School That Had to Cover Up a Ten Commandments Mural in Hallway

After a Ten Commandments mural was removed from inside a Texas high school, local Christians decided to build a real Ten Commandments monument on private property across the street from the school. I guess they don’t understand that atheists are fine with that.


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Creationist Jerry Falwell, Jr. Met with Donald Trump About a Possible Dept. of Education Position

The Associated Press reports that one of Donald Trump’s possible choices for the next Secretary of Education is Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., who recently met with Trump to discuss the role.


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This Student Found an Easy Way to Stop Her Choir Class from Singing Overtly Christian Music

12-year-old Kelly Helton, a middle school student in Kentucky, was bothered by all the religious songs they were singing in choir class. So she decided to do something about it. She tells the story in this one-minute video below:


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