Oklahoma School Reverses Course on Removing Cross from Campus Building

A church/state separation group says the promotion of Christianity at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma must come to an end.

And the administrators responded appropriately… until today.


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A Christian School Shamed a Student Who Chose Not To Have an Abortion

Evangelical Christians hypocritical? About abortion?! I know, I know. Shocking.


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TN Officials Hesitated To Donate Cop Car to School That Nixed Graduation Prayers

Northeast State Community College in Tennessee recently switched from a mandatory prayer at graduation to a moment of silence. It was the smarter, more inclusive thing to do.

But that decision nearly cost them the donation of a much-needed sheriff’s car from county officials.


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Hooking Up Happens Less Often on Catholic Campuses, But It May Be More Dangerous

If fewer students are hooking up in an irresponsible way, it’s arguably far worse than more students doing it with protection.


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Christian Activist: Atheist Teachers Are Telling Kids “Homo Sex Is Normal”

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire let out another rant this morning on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast.

This time, his frustration was directed at public school teachers — all atheists, in his mind — who indoctrinate children in the religion of The Gay.


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