Iowa Legislator Who Sponsored Anti-Science Bill Is Parading His Ignorance of Evolution on Facebook

Iowa State Rep. Skyler Wheeler, the legislator who co-sponsored a now-dead bill that would have forced science teachers to include “opposing points of view or beliefs” on subjects like evolution and global warming, isn’t done defending his pathetic bill.


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Christian School Bus Driver Lovingly Teaches Seven-Year-Old To Hate His Two Moms

School bus drivers have two jobs. One, to drive kids to and from school. Two, to make sure no kids kill each other on the way. However, Violeta Jacobo, a school bus driver in Polk County, Florida, also seems to believe it is her job to tell kids they’ll burn in hell for all eternity for accepting their lesbian mothers.


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Atheist Group Calls for the Cancellation of a Maryland Public High School’s Christian Musical

I’m not sure why Rising Sun High School in North East, Maryland would choose to perform Children of Eden as the spring musical, but that decision has led to a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


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This Catholic School Has a Long List of Rules for Girls to Follow So They’re Not Slutty at Prom

Apparently, the prom theme at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, Illinois will be “Let’s Slut-Shame All the Ladies.”


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Iowa Legislator Defends Anti-Science Bill Because Evolution and Climate Change “Are Just Theories”

Iowa State Rep. Skyler Wheeler is one of the sponsors of a bill that would have required teachers to include “opposing points of view” to evolution and climate change in the classroom. The way he responded to one of the bill’s critics is simply appalling.


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