Head of German Protestant Church Wants to See Islam Taught in Nation’s Schools. Should It Be?

I don’t have the answers, but I sure have a lot of questions.

Should all pupils in Germany’s state schools get educated in the tenets of Islam? If so, what version of Islam is the correct one that schoolchildren must internalize? Sunni Islam? Shiite Islam? Salafi Islam? Wahhabi Islam? Ahmadiyya Islam? Sunni Islam alone has five main sub-sects (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbalites, and Ẓāhirī), and all those f(r)actions have splinters. Who will decide, for the purposes of German schools, what the proper theology is?


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Why Did This School Board Chair Brag About Hiring Principals Who “Loved the Lord”?

Earlier this month, during a worship service at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale church, Dr. Rosalind Osgood, the chair of Florida’s Broward County school board, got up on stage and asked the crowd to pray for the students and staff.

That in itself may not be a problem, but she went on to say something that makes me question the hiring process in her District:


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A Student’s Christian Prayer at Graduation Last Year Means No Formal Prayer For Anyone This Year

When the students at Pottsgrove High School in Pennsylvania have their graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks, a formal prayer won’t be part of the program. And for that, we can thank a student who led the audience in a very explicitly Christian prayer last year:


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Student Who Leaked Christian School’s Extreme Anti-Gay Policy Explains Why He Did It

Last week, we posted the “Statement of Understanding” from Trinity Academy — a private Christian school in Wichita, Kansas — that all students and parents are required to sign. While most of what it said was to be expected from a conservative Christian school, one passage seemed to say students could be expelled for merely having a gay relative living at home with them.

Statement of Understanding

What I didn’t say at the time was that the document was leaked to me by Morgan Faulkner, a former class president at the school. He’s pro-LGBT rights and extremely disturbed by how Trinity treated that community when he attended the school.

Now, in a guest post at The New Civil Rights Movement, Faulkner writes about why he leaked the document:

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After Football Sex Scandal, Baylor U. Merely Demotes Ken Starr From President to Chancellor

The sexual assaults that happened on Ken Starr‘s watch at Baylor, the largest Baptist university in the world, won’t cost the former Bill Clinton tormentor his employment. 


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