Christian Teacher Responds to LGBT Issue of School Newspaper: Gay People “Deserve To Die”

The May issue of the San Luis Obispo High School (CA) newspaper Expressions was all about LGBTQ issues. One teacher responded with a letter to the editor in which he cited the Bible and said gay students deserved death.

That’s not merely an alternative viewpoint. That’s a threat.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson: America Must Embrace Science and Rethink How We Educate Kids on the Subject

If scientists say the evidence all points in one direction, and you decide you don’t agree, what the hell is wrong with you?


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Texas Bill That Would Have Weakened the Teaching of Evolution in Schools Dies in Committee

Thank Darwin: A Republican-sponsored bill to weaken science standards didn’t make it out of committee.


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FL Teacher Accused of Promoting Gay Rights and Persecuting Christians Cleared of Any Wrongdoing

A Florida teacher who was the target of a Christian Right group was investigated for supposedly harassing Christian students.

The District found that she did nothing wrong.


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Panic Ensues After Gay Pride Flag Appears in Wheaton College Dining Hall

How much do you really “love the sinner” when a symbol of LGBT existence freaks you out this much?


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