Christian Lawyer Who Said After School Satan Clubs Have a “Right to Meet” Now Says He May Sue Them

Liberty Counsel attorney Mat Staver said a few says ago that The Satanic Temple’s After School Satan clubs had a “right to meet” in public schools. It made sense since Good News Clubs which promote the Bible have the same right. But in a press release to his group’s members yesterday, Staver took a decidedly different approach, making the case for why the Satanist clubs may have to be sued.


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Franklin Graham, Unaware of How the Law Works, Wants Schools to Block After School Satan Clubs

The Satanic Temple is gearing up for its After School Satan clubs, making very clear that chapters will only be established in elementary schools where (Christian) Good News Clubs already exist. The idea is that if one religious group meets after school, the door is wide open for everyone. Conversely, if the Satanic group is rejected, the school must say no to all extracurricular clubs. Christian evangelist Franklin Graham doesn’t understand that basic concept.


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Thanks to Christians, After School Satan Clubs May Be Coming to an Elementary School Near You

Thousands of elementary schools currently have “Good News Clubs,” which aim to indoctrinate children into Christianity. But the law says schools can’t discriminate on the basis of religion when it comes to after school clubs… That’s why The Satanic Temple is about to launch After School Satan, their version of a voluntary religious club for kids:


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San Diego State U. Choir Class Required Students to Perform at Church and Sit Through Sermon

At San Diego State University, in a choir class that is required for certain degrees, a professor told students they had to perform at a local Baptist church, then sit through the sermon. When two of them refused to do it for personal reasons, they received failing grades “at least in part” because of that decision.


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FFRF Challenges Taxpayer-Funded Scholarships from Ohio City to Local Christian College

In Grove City, Ohio, the city council set up a scholarship fund for students in the community. Students who apply are eligible for up to $1,000 per semester to go to the local school of their choice, and they have three options: Columbus State Community College, Harrison College, or Ohio Christian University. It’s that last one that raised eyebrows at the Freedom From Religion Foundation:


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