In Grant County (KY), Home of Ark Encounter, a School District May Be Sued for Promoting Religion

According to the Kentucky-based Tri-State Freethinkers, the Grant County Schools have a long history of promoting Christianity and it’s about time they put a stop to it. The group sent a long letter detailing the constitutional violations and they’re giving the District 30 days to respond before they file a formal lawsuit.

And if that county sounds familiar, it may be because Grant County is also the home to Ark Encounter, Creationist Ken Ham‘s $100 million Noah’s Ark theme park. So faith-based ignorance runs deep in these parts.

You can take your photo next to this cut-out of a Christ follower.

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Humanists Go to Appeals Court in Battle Against Christianity-Promoting Colorado School District

Yesterday, representatives from the American Humanist Association argued in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals that their clients had standing to sue the Douglas County School District in Colorado over multiple promotions of Christianity.


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After School Satan Club Holds First-Ever Meeting (But Not Without Protesters)

Yesterday, Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon was home to the first-ever meeting of an After School Satan club, and protesters were outside warning people against the club’s existence:


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Disgraced Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Will Soon Teach About “Civility” at Pat Robertson’s College

Scandal-plagued former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will soon be teaching at Pat Robertson’s Regent University. Because who the hell else are they gonna get over there?

Oh, the irony.

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British Columbia Mother Says School District Coerced Kids Into Participating in Religious Ceremony

At what point does a cultural ceremony to begin the school year turn into a religious ritual that never should have taken place?


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