A Kansas School District Has Been Accused of Multiple Violations of Church/State Separation

Even in Kansas, it’s disturbing to see all of those things happening in a single school district.


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Last Night, Creationist (and Convicted Felon) Kent Hovind Spoke To a Sparse Crowd in Mississippi

Kent Hovind, the Creationist who spent several years in prison for tax fraud, gave a talk in a seemingly empty auditorium last night at Mississippi State University.


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Florida High School Says That “Good” Girls Only Wear Certain Kinds of Prom Dresses

A series of four posters put up on the walls of Florida’s Stanton College Preparatory School sent the message that young women who covered their bodies at Prom were “good” girls, but those who wore anything even slightly revealing were not.


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Kevin Sorbo’s Next Faith-Based Movie Is About the Pledge of Allegiance Without “Under God”

If taking a couple of words out of the Pledge makes you mad, there’s something wrong with you.


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ND Legislators Want to Legalize Student-Initiated Prayers… Even Though They’re Already Legal

Leave it to conservative legislators to put a bandage over a wound that doesn’t exist.


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