After Trying to Convert Young Children During Their Lunch Periods, Michigan Pastor Suspended by District Officials

Pastor Russ Gabel has a weird way of winning over converts in Grand Haven, Michigan: He just goes to local middle schools (with permission from the administrators) and lures the children into a classroom with candy in order to tell them all about Jesus:

Gabel brags about his experiences on Facebook, too:

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Texas School District Allows Bible Giveaways After School, but Will They Allow Muslim or Satanist Distributions?

The Cleveland Independent School District in Texas is allowing outside groups to hand out bibles to students after school… (pretty similar to what we saw in Florida) leading the local Fox affiliate to ask if this is okay.

Turns out all the parents they asked are totally fine with it. But one legal expert offered the proper answer:

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Responding to the Creationist Mother Who “Audited” an Evolution Exhibit at the Field Museum

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the Creationist mother who recently “audited” an evolution exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum and how we can channel our frustration into something positive.

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Two Women “Condemn” California School Board Trustees for Honoring Sikh Community

About a month ago, the Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees (in California) passed a resolution honoring the large, growing Sikh population in their community:

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Bus Shelter Ads Call Out Canada’s Publicly-Funded Religious Schools as a “Human Rights Disgrace”

Beginning in the last week of November, a series of ads focused on public funding for Catholic religious schools showed up in Winnipeg bus shelters. The ad campaign, deliberately distributed mainly in the vicinity of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to target its visitors with food for thought, has been financed and assembled by, an Ottawa-based advocacy group.

The four ads appearing in Winnipeg are as follows:

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