Oklahoma Legislator Introduces Yet Another Bill to Permit Teaching of Creationism in Public Schools

Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen has been trying since 2010 to push Creationism into the state’s public schools, and his latest attempt, SB 1322, hides its true intentions by calling for the creation of the “Oklahoma Science Education Act.”

It’s a Science Education Act that would miseducate students about science.


Here’s what the bill, which was introduced yesterday, says:

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Don’t Believe the Headlines; 10% of College Grads Don’t Think Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice

A lot of prominent websites recently reported on a survey that revealed a crisis in civic education.

The headlines were all variations on this: “10% of college graduates believe Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court!”

That’s disturbing… but it’s not exactly true.


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In Ireland, Non-Catholics Are Demanding Equal Access to Public Schools

There’s a serious problem in Ireland right now where the law permits freedom of religion, as you’d expect, but it also says schools can give preferential treatment to students of particular religions.

The dilemma comes into focus when you realize that 97% of state-sponsored primary schools are Catholic in nature.


The New York TimesDouglas Dalby reports on the growing backlash against state-sponsored schools that reject students who haven’t been baptized:

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Tennessee Legislator’s Bill to Stop Islamic Indoctrination in Classrooms Is Still Being Debated

The last time we talked about Tennessee State Rep. Sheila Butt on this site, it was because she had introduced legislation to prevent religious indoctrination in public schools.


But before you get excited, she’s not talking about a bill that would stop Christians from crossing the line. Her bill aimed to end Islamic proselytizing in high school World History classes, where students were taught (*gasp*) that Muslims worship Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.

That bill is still being considered. Last week, HB1418 was assigned to the Education Instruction & Programs Subcommittee. Meanwhile, SB1439, the same bill in the other chamber, was sent to the Senate Education Committee.

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Wheaton College Leaders Don’t Deserve Respect for Standing Firm on Their Christian Convictions

Wheaton College is currently mired in a controversy of its own creation, beginning termination proceedings against a professor who said Muslims and Christians believe in the same God, potentially violating the Bible-based school’s Statement of Faith.

While many critics have sided with Professor Larycia Hawkins, Religion News Service’s Trevin Wax says that Wheaton deserves a lot of credit, too. Because they’re standing by their faith, and that’s really, really hard to do in our culture:


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