Young Atheist’s Fight Against School’s Illegal Pledge Policy May Finally Lead to Change

After fighting against an illegal Pledge of Allegiance policy at his high school earlier this year, a Louisiana student may finally get his wish later today.


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This Horrific Story Shows Why Even Private Christian Schools Need Government Oversight reporter Anna Claire Vollers has a disturbing look at Alabama’s Restoration Youth Academy, a.k.a. the “worst religious private school” in the state, which in many ways functioned like a jail, going so far as to put students in solitary confinement.

Toilets at Restoration Youth Academy

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Doug Cobb, New University of Louisville Trustee, Denies Evolution and Climate Change

Creationist Doug Cobb was just appointed by Republican Governor Matt Bevin as a trustee of the University of Louisville. He’s known for comments he made denying evolution and climate change, though if you’re looking for evidence of that, good luck, since he just deleted his Twitter account where he made those statements.


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Ontario Court’s Ruling Against Christian Law School May Lead to Supreme Court Battle

A proposed Christian law school in Canada that would require students to sign a statement saying “sexual intimacy” is only reserved for straight couples has been blocked from obtaining accreditation in Ontario, a ruling that may be appealed at the Supreme Court of Canada.


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California City Council Will No Longer Consider Giving $2.5 Million Grant to Catholic High School

For some reason, the Santa Ana City Council in California was considering giving $2.5 million to a Catholic high school to help them construct a new building and parking garage.

But after a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, that option is off the table.


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